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WeChat and Mobile Ecommerce in China

By October 16, 2015 March 16th, 2020 16 Comments

Thinking of doing business in China? You need to be on WeChat.

WeChat and mobile ecommerce in China are two trends that are slowing coming together. With over 1 billion registered users and over 440 million monthly active users, WeChat undoubtedly has become the largest social network in China. Whether you’re sourcing products from China or doing any kind of business there, WeChat is where you need to be.

What is WeChat?

WeChat combines the messaging aspects of WhatsApp and Viber with social network qualities of Facebook and Twitter, adds in the ecommerce functionality of Amazon and eBay as well as the friend matching qualities of Tinder. You can use different features in WeChat to send images, voice, video messages, live chat, and video chat. And did we mention all the features in WeChat are completely free?

Who can use WeChat?

WeChat can be downloaded in 20 different languages. It doesn’t matter if you are tech-savvy or not, you will find yourself addicted to using WeChat. I never expected my mum to be able to use WeChat, but once she has downloaded the app, she started checking on me everyday… and I kind of regret showing her how to use it…just kidding! If she can use WeChat, anyone can. 🙂

How to get started on WeChat 

  1. Set up your WeChat personal account.
  2. Set up your WeChat official account admin platform to attract followers.
  3. Build up your own online store without purchasing inventory beforehand.

WeChat Official Account Admin Platform

The WeChat Official Account Admin Platform is a cooperation and promotion service launched for media, enterprises and individuals. Official accounts can promote their brands to billions of WeChat users through this WeChat channel, thus reducing cost, raising brand popularity, and building up more influential brand images.

Enterprises or individuals can choose to register inside of China or outside of China. Users of the Chinese version of WeChat, Wei Xin, do not have access to WeChat Official Accounts registered outside of China. In contrast, non-Chinese WeChat users have access to both Chinese and non-Chinese Official Accounts. So if your target market is located in mainland China – you might as well register for the same official account admin platform as Chinese companies or individuals.

The registration process is entirely in Chinese. To begin, head to the WeChat Public Platform website and click on the link in the top right corner, then follow the instructions to register. If you do not understand Chinese, no worries – there will be step by step English instructions available in future blog posts.

Why China prefers to buy on WeChat

The advantage of WeChat over other online shopping platforms is the ability to communicate directly with customers. They can simply send you a picture of a product, say “I want this,” and then transfer you the money inside WeChat. Chinese consumers prefer shopping on WeChat because it’s quick and easy, and they can shop with just a touch of the finger.

WeChat and Mobile E-commerce

The essence of WeChat for Ecommerce

WeChat brings people together. People is the fundamental element for successful businesses in China. People prefer to engage in conversations with people they know so they feel safe and trusting. You can add anyone you know or you don’t know to your friends list, and your friends will send your WeChat business card to their friends. Quite often now I am dragged into different groups by my friends which is a perfect opportunity to grow the audience base. Word of mouth has a huge impact on business in China. So by the time you have a certain amount of friends in your circle – they will become your customers. Unlike other social platforms where you need to constantly design campaigns and advertisements to keep your keywords rank at the first 3 pages on Google, even if you do none of these with Wechat, you will never lose your customer base as they have already become personally connected with you.


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  • youcef says:

    I am ASM6 student
    Wa t to try it out
    When is best time

    • Celine Fang says:

      Hello YOUCEF,
      Thank you so much for your comment! Since you are just about to start ASM6, you can start using WeChat to communicate with Chinese Suppliers on Alibaba. Most Chinese people use WeChat and prefer to communicate on WeChat. It is much more personal than Skype and Whatsapp, which definitely brings you closer to the suppliers. You might get a better deal from the suppliers by using WeChat 🙂

  • Milton says:

    Thank you Celine! Very interesting and helpful.

    Milton West

    • Celine Fang says:

      Hi Milton, Thank you for your interest in this blog:-)
      There are so much about WeChat than meets the eye.
      More interesting blogs about China Ecommerce will come along in future:-)

  • Bruce Safran says:

    Hi Celine,

    Been using WeChat for a couple of years. Great app. ID: brucesafran

    Looking forward to speaking with you at the live event about China sourcing. Will you be there?



    • Celine Fang says:

      Hey Bruce,
      Thank you for the comment and so glad you find WeChat useful!
      I won’t be at the live event this year but I am looking forward to discussing any tops about China with you in the community:)

  • CJ says:

    ASM6 member, just downloaded APP and signed up. Thanks for the insight, I will be using this tool as I work on product manufacturing in China for my products!

    • Celine Fang says:

      Hi!Thank you for your comment. So excited you decide to give WeChat a go. I am sure it won’t let you down. If you have any questions or want to share your experience and insight please be free to post in the Community. Happy to discuss:-)

  • Wee says:

    Hi Celine, Thanks for your blog post. It’s very interesting. I’m looking for online marketing for my bussiness and the target is chinese tourist. Can wechat is answer for me ?
    how about weibo ? is it the same ?

    Thank you

    • Celine Fang says:

      Hi Wee,

      Thank you for your comments:)

      Sina Weibo is a huge platform to promote your brand but the question is you only need email address to register for Weibo while WeChat only accept cell phone number for registration. So it’s high probability that your audiences on Weibo are not real. Plus most Chinese prefer browsing everything from cell phone instead of laptop which makes WeChat more accessible than Sina Weibo.

      But no harm to register both since they are both free.

  • Taehee says:

    Hi Celine, I’m from South Korea.
    Thanks for your blog post. It?s very interesting.
    But…I do not understand Chinese.

    But, i saw the sentance ->( If you do not understand Chinese, no worries ? there will be step by step English instructions available in future blog posts.)

    I am eagerly looking forward to English instructions.
    Thank you!!

  • Taehee Hwang says:

    I have one more question.
    Is it possible for me(i live outside of China) to sell the products on wechat?
    Because i live in South Korea.

    Thank you.^^

    • Celine Fang says:

      Hi Taehee,
      You can literally sell to everywhere in the world if you have those customers on WeChat.
      WeChat supports Korean language so you will have no problem to use it:-)

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