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Use Video to Increase Sales for Your Products!

By August 11, 2016 March 16th, 2020 No Comments

If you’ve spent any amount of time on social media sites, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that video, and especially live video, is becoming a big part of content creation for businesses.

With all the current video options (live video, 6 second video, vanishing video, and more), it can be a challenge to navigate this content area as a business owner.  Along with all the different options, sometimes a fear of budget can block someone from considering this medium.  

Using video to promote your business doesn’t have to be daunting. Instead of passing up a great opportunity,  let’s look at the why, what, and how of creating videos for your products!

Why Consider Using Video for Your Products?

There are many reasons for using video to help sell your products. The most obvious to some would be to showcase what your product looks like and how it can be used.  Seems simple right?

To the contrary… creating a product video does so much more to your bottom line, such as:

Answering Pre-Sale Questions: Creating a product video can reduce pre-sales customer service calls, since your video would answer many initial questions immediately.

Decreasing Returns: A well-made video can also decrease returns, because the consumer now sees the actual product virtually vs. in a flat 2 dimensional view.  This results in a decrease in returns, which definitely affects your bottom line!  

Alternate Uses: Sometimes, showing the different ways your product can be used can create a need to a consumer that may not have considered your item previously.  This can result in increased sales for your product to a new demographic. 

Let’s think back to traditional commercials and give you a smile in the process … remember those late night commercials on TV?  Remember the Snuggie?

Turns out, that was not the original product – the original “Snuggie” was actually a “Slanket!” But guess which fun product video helped create sales of 20 million products the first yearYou guessed it – our beloved Snuggie.

What Types Of Videos Work?

If we keep in mind the Snuggie video, we already know that showing how to use a product in different ways can be useful.  Sometimes, just creating a video showing and explaining the product by the business owner can reduce production cost:

If you are considering using social media, you’ll need to keep your audience in mind. The first question to consider before producing a video for social media platforms is:

How are you going to get people who are on Facebook looking at family photos and pictures of kittens to stop and watch YOUR product video?

In today’s mobile demand for content, you’ll need to craft a fun way to interrupt the “thumb swiping” through a newsfeed to get views.

One of my favorite examples for a creative, low-budget video campaign is the BlendTec Blender:

Blendtec Blender’s “Will it Blend” campaign knocked video use out of the ballpark! After these low budget fun videos were created, the company saw an increase in sales of 700%.

This campaign was released on YouTube only in 2006,  and is still going strong today, with millions of views!  You can read the whole “Will It Blend” story here: Will It Blend Campaign History

How to Create Videos:

The other type of video content that can have a big impact with your product is social proof. Get and share user-generated videos of people using your products!  Depending on budgets and your pitch, you could get a high influencing person to wear and create a video with your product.  

Going back to our SOVO gear example – they recently had their product worn by a YouTube influencer with over 3 million subscribers:

Using your phone can produce great results! Check out apps that assist in video production, and create videos right from your phone!  As an example, consider creating time lapse videos if it fits your product with Lapseit for an interesting product video.

If you have your script and product pitch down, why not try Facebook Live? Every fan on your page receives a notification that you are “now live.” Even if those fans can’t jump over and immediately watch, they’ll be able to watch a recording.

Lastly, creating and editing videos can be done with a digital camera, and will look professionally done.  Editing software comes in many varying packages from the basic to high end.  A quick look at Amazon will provide some great results.  

Want to go simpler? Upload a video directly to YouTube and use Creator Studio to trim videos, add text, and even select music that YouTube provides.  If you want to get even more fancy – check out to see what you can create with video templates! 

There are all kinds of different ways to attract customers through video. Get some inspiration from the YouTube channel here:

Jennifer Stinnett is founder of eJenn Solutions,  an online marketing and consulting company.  Jennifer brings over 14 years experience both in corporate ecommerce and online marketing to her clients. She is successful in helping them succeed with online product creations, sales, branding and online exposure!

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