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Use Twitter to Find an Audience for Your Product

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Twitter is easily one of the social media platforms that seems to confuse most business owners. As a platform built on the premise that everything can be easily said in 140 characters, you have to wonder how it became so complex!

When I opened my first account on Twitter in 2007, I too had that confused thought process: “I don’t get it?” and the LA Fire Department was the only account I followed. What was THAT going to do for this Midwest entrepreneur?

Fast forward a few years, and Twitter has become one of the most successful platforms for my clients and business, in terms of site traffic and business development! Here’s how I successfully use it for products and finding my target audience!

How to Identify Your Audience

1. Know who your audience is – This may seem like a no-brainer, but when I first start working with a client, knowing the details of their perfect customer is often something they’ve neglected to think about. For this reason, I have every client of mine fill out a client profile before we begin. The client profile is your way of digging deep into who your client is.

As an example, what if you are selling fishing rods? Depending on the fishing rod, are you targeting a family that fishes occasionally, or is the quality of the rod best suited for the avid outdoorsman who’s also into camping and hiking? Where does your potential client fish? Lakes, Oceans, Rivers … ? Just in this little sample, you begin to see a need to understand your potential audience (buyer) and what they like to do!

2. What and where is your audience? – Going back to our fishing rod example and the difference in the two types of buyers, think about where they like to go. State Parks or City Parks? Oceans or Rivers? Are they typically families? Are they weekend warriors? Defining this portion of your audience will help you find them on Twitter!

How to Find Your Audience on Twitter

Now that you know your fishing rods are going to work best for the family or occasional fisherman that likes to fish in lakes, let’s find them on twitter!

Begin your search (while logged into your account) here: You should find a screen similar to this below.

Words we used: Fishing (the activity of those using our product)
Hashtags we used: #Fishing and #Family (we want to reach those who are typically fishing with their family)

Using this search, we’ve found some GREAT results: People using Twitter to post photos of their fishing trips, their families fishing, and every activity around fishing with families!

Congratulations—you are now seeing your target market’s conversations on Twitter!!

As another option, you can target locations! To keep things upbeat, make sure you are only following positive “tweets” around the subject matter. In this example below – you can see we’ve used a city and state to view all the positive fishing tweets from that location!

Don’t forget that you can also search for specific lakes in the keyword portion. Use hashtags like #Ocean #River, etc. to find those who fish in those types of waters. The possibilities and conversations are endless!

ProTip: Looking at those negative tweets with your product keywords (like “fishing rod”) can be very beneficial to businesses. If you find someone on Twitter complaining about a product (in this case unhappiness with their current fishing rod), you can reach out to that person and offer a discount to YOUR product or service! How awesome would that be, both for you with a new client, and for the customer who now has a discount with an opportunity to experience your product or service!

Jennifer Stinnett is founder of eJenn Solutions, an online marketing and consulting company.  Jennifer brings over 14 years experience both in corporate ecommerce and online marketing to her clients. She is successful in helping them succeed with online product creations, sales, branding and online exposure!

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