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The Story of Me and WeChat Campaign

By February 3, 2016 March 16th, 2020 No Comments

WeChat and Me

The Story of Me and WeChat is a web page on the WeChat app that allows users to see an overview of their activities on WeChat within the previous year. Originally, The Story of Me and WeChat campaign was created for internal use during the company?s annual meetings, but because someone who attended this annual meeting happened to share it, the link ended up going viral and was shared with millions of Chinese WeChat users.

When this campaign was first released, a lot of Chinese users were hesitant because they thought it was a spam link. WeChat actually had to release an official statement to clear up this matter, reassuring that it wasn?t spam. The webpage was actually launched to help promote WeChat?s PRO Open Class Event in Guangzhou. Open Class Events are basically seminars held to educate the public about WeChat and its services. 

Let’s look at 4 reasons why this campaign became so popular:

1. It was ?leaked.? Whether it was intentionally ?leaked? or not, we?re not sure. But we do know that because of the fact that it was ?leaked,? the campaign instantly garnered attention due to its exclusivity status.

2. It?s a personal point of touch between you and WeChat. This campaign allows you to see who your first friend on WeChat is, how many red envelopes you sent out in the past year, how many likes you?ve received, how many posts you?ve posted on your WeChat Moments, the geographic location you spend most of your time in, and how many steps you?ve taken within the past year.

wechat    wechat2

3. It?s sharable. This campaign gives users the option to share their yearly overview with their friends and social networks. Did you want to remind someone that he/she was the first friend you made on WeChat? Are your posts getting more likes than your friends? Or did you just want to show off how many steps you’ve taken within the past year? All of this information is fun content that is shareable with your network.

4. The user’s experience. This campaign resonates with the rest of WeChat’s features – which all optimize the user’s experience. The page is designed in a way that instantly captures the user’s attention.

wechat3 (1)wechat3

Messaging apps are becoming a huge deal this year. In fact, WhatsApp just reached 1 billion users. Messaging apps providers are constantly coming out with innovative ways to keep up. With this recent “campaign”, WeChat is still definitely dominating Southeast Asia’s messaging app realm.


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