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The One Person Who Influenced Me the Most

By May 8, 2015 March 16th, 2020 15 Comments

Many people have influenced me over the years, but one person stands out among the rest. Find out who in the video below.

Then, answer in the comments: Who is YOUR biggest influence?


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  • Marco says:

    Thank for this amazing video!
    One of my biggest inspirations is Stefan Pylarinos.

    He is an online marketer teaching Entrepreneurial mindsets to people. Besides I like Tony Robbins, Kyiosaki and of course you guys from ASM. I have not started ASM yet, because focusing on another business, but it is definitely on my list 🙂

    Greetings from Taipei, Taiwan,


  • Dave Market says:

    I come from a different background experience, Matt.
    I grew up wondering what it was like to have a business. I would look at two people in my neighborhood who were business owners and imagine what they did every day. I did not have any role models until much later in life when working for a small business owner.
    It has been a process of several years now as an entrepreneur, reading the best books I could get, in effort to change my scarcity mentality.
    It has been a tough road, but now I have the understanding that giving value to customers is key for getting satisfaction and success.
    Matt, Jason, and the ASM team are undoubtedly destined to be my biggest influences!

  • Jay Reeb says:

    Thanks Matt. for this one, For me it’s my mentor – Patrizio Paoletti, who teach me how to have the best attitude towards myself, my dear ones and all, including business.

  • Sery says:

    My Mother – She owned a convenience store and I remember as a young child helping her out with anything I could – given how little I was at the time. I enjoyed being in the store with her and had fun putting sticker prices on each item, filling jars with small items, and of course sampling some of the new snacks that came in. She used to take me along when sourcing inventory from suppliers so I got to know on some level how to negotiate for a good price. As I got older she let me count cash and roll change. Funny how all those things that I mentioned above are so similar to the process that is taught in ASM by Matt, Jason and all the mentors. I feel like I’m in a familiar place reminiscent of my childhood and in the presence and loving guidance of my Mother. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.

  • Tomas Kramar says:

    In many ways it is Osho who influences me very much, in personal, spiritual as well as business life. Becuase doing business successfully and joyfully requires to free your sexual/life energy and get rid of mind programmes which slow you down and hold back. I learned from him that being rich and successful is ok and in allignment with spiritual growth. Good business is like good life, it requires a lot of courage and love.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Gord Singer says:

    I have had many significant influences in my life, and certainly my father is one of the top people in my life whom have influenced me positively.
    However, it is without question that the one person who has influenced me the most was an individual who oppressed me, controlled me, ridiculed me, demeaned me, and generally took advantage of my work ethic and technical knowledge – my former boss.
    I understand this is not what people would expect to hear, but I can tell you that because of his treatment towards me I was forced to make a choice. Either I stay within his control and believe all he said OR rise up and start being the man and entrepreneur I really am and always have been.
    Even though on the surface it has always appeared I have been financially successful – this is not success to me. Success is achieving time for ME and my family. This can only happen if I work for myself.
    So before beginning module 1 in the ASM5 group, I quit my job, and have begun the journey I was meant to travel all along.
    Robert Kiyosaki, Dave Kettner, Matt Clark, and Jason Katzenback all have influenced me, but it is without question the drive that is within me is years old and fueled by a sincere distaste created by my former boss for what life is meant to be.
    Being part of the ASM group has created in me a genuine sense of gratitude toward each one of you as you all take the same risk I have and begin to seize your own destiny leveraging Amazon.
    Thank you to those who have volunteered their time to mentor and coach, and thank you to those who have made this possible!

    • Matt Clark says:

      Wow, powerful story! I am so happy you joined the ASM group. You will be on this journey with people new to ASM as well as those who have already travelled it and can mentor you along the way. Enjoy the journey! 🙂

  • Nohman says:

    Really humbling that you shared that Matt – I thought I was the only one who thought my Dad was and still is the biggest influence in my life! Thanks

  • Kev Martin says:

    My father, also, was my biggest influence. He stressed the basics- learn a trade, but trade to learn. He always seemed to work for others in his professional live, but had an entreprenuerial spirit, wasn’t affraid to spend money to make money (and failed sometimes) but he always encouraged me to dream big, and make plans to succeed- never plan to fail. Believe in thyself- you are your own worst critic, but if you have confidence, you are always the one to “bet on yourself”, and with hard work and determination, you will win the day.

  • James Buchanan says:

    Great story Matt… and others. We are each motivated by our experiences, both good and bad. Good ones tend to lead us to good results. Bad ones help prevent us from repeating those experiences. They’re all just choices that we make. I don’t recall having entrepreneurial mentors growing up but I feel fortunate to have recognized from many friends and co-workers how NOT to be successful. I am most inspired by those who have achieved financial freedom while still ‘keeping it real’ so to speak. Sticking to what is important in life and not falling into a consumer mentality just because you can afford it… that is most impressive to me. Wealth and success can be used to help others achieve the same.

  • I will have to say Robert Kiyosaki. He brought it all together. I own and am reading most of his extremely inspiring books. And I learned of ASM through him, as I searched for a work from home computer based opportunity!!
    Honorable mention runners up include Kevin Trudeau. Many of his quotes keep me inspired and going like: “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you are right either way.” I think he credits Henry Ford with that one.
    Also, the books by Malcolm Gladwell, Tipping Point, and my favorite, the Outliers.
    Also, my Mother, who instilled in me good Christian principles and ethics.
    Last but not least, my dear husband, of 50 years, who has worked his own business since 1985, in spite of many painful days related to his celebral palsy. Bless his heart, one of his favorite sayings is: “We can’t afford it.” We have struggled and done not one but two bankruptcies. He is financing me and cheering me on, as this is our last hope to get out of debt and retire in comfort and peace, plus be able to help our church and the less fortunate. And I am being a good entrepreneur and creating work for a computer geek friend, who may have to leave the area if he does not find more work. Plus my daughter will be in customer service. She needs income.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  • Kelly Dobbin says:

    My greatest influence has come from my father. Both positive and negative. He was a man in the true sense of the word. He did everything he good to provide a good living for his father. I definitely got my strong work ethic from him for which I a truly greatful. I also got my sense of exchange and appreciation of others. My dad started working at 13 and is really a self-made man. I have also observed though how my dad let his fear control his decisions and never took risk. He is successful but I think we would have been far more successful had he taken some risks. I operate similarly. This course for me was my leap–I pushed my fears aside and am going for it. I have a high paying 6 figure job where I am a VP but I am tired of making lots of money for others and want to make it for myself and my family.

  • Sandra Bryant, PhD says:

    So glad to hear it’s your dad who is the biggest influence. It was through his email to all his clients that I learned about ASM, and I’m having great fun with it daily. My parents modeled excellent business practices and philosophy for me.

    I truly resonate with your practice and attitude of abundance, gratitude, and cooperation.

    I am looking forward to meeting you in October!

    Thanks for creating ASM. It is unlike any course I’ve ever taken in a wonderful way!

    Sandra Bryant, PhD

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