The #1 Thing that Makes Selling on FBA Easier

Want to reduce overwhelm, have clarity and remove 99% of the noise surrounding your Amazon business? The number one thing you can do to make selling on Amazon FBA easier is to: 

Pick your customer first, not your product. 

Selecting a customer first allows you to sell a range of products that serve that customer. This will reduce all the opportunities that you could go after because they aren’t applicable to your customer and will ultimately not make you any money. Understanding your customer will allow you to better market to them, as well, 

Once you’ve picked a customer and you’ve created a brand around that customer, then you need to ensure there is a demand for your product. You want to airm for a profit margin of around 35 – 30%, while also making sure you have at least 100% return on investment. ROI is most important because this how you will cover the cost of business, increase cash flow and put money in your pocket. 

Three ways to be successful selling on Amazon FBA:

  1. Understand your customer
  2. Understand what you’re getting into 
  3. Have sufficient ROI 

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