Tips & Tricks is Making Every Employee Their Own Boss!

By August 7, 2015 March 16th, 2020 16 Comments is trying out something truly exciting today! Starting August 7, 2015, will start hosting Startup Fridays – a full work day where employees are encouraged to start and work on their own businesses using the courses produced by the company.

As entrepreneurship is exploding around the United States, is doing its part to get people into working for themselves and their own businesses, instead of working for someone else. believes so strongly in this mission that they are not only encouraging every employee to start their own business, they are also putting way more than just their money where their mouth is. is letting any employee take one of their business-starting courses, giving them every Friday free to work on growing their business while still getting paid to do their regular job. The founders of the company are going way beyond that and even offering to mentor the employees to help them get their businesses off the ground and running.

CFO Steven Siegel mentors Michael Hall on his business

And to make sure the employees can give this a real go, is even offering angel funding for each employee to invest in inventory or marketing to help grow their businesses.

Jason Katzenback, President and co-founder said, “Not only do I believe that this unique opportunity will help foster employee engagement and productivity, but I believe we?ll also discover more opportunities to improve our courses and platform.” made the announcement to employees a few weeks ago and officially kicked it off today in their downtown Austin office with the inaugural Startup Friday.

Here’s what Matt Clark, CEO and co-founder of had to say about Startup Fridays:

“We teach entrepreneurship. Our employees thinking like entrepreneurs is going to help the business. Our unique thing is that if people are doing all that and they’re learning how to build businesses, the company benefits because they’re actually using and understanding our products that teach entrepreneurship. I figure it’s definitely worth a try to encourage our employees go through our own products to build their own businesses. Either they will want to continue to work here and contribute to the training and tools that are going to help them build their own business, or maybe they’re going to end up transitioning out. And if so, we will have a great success story of somebody who came here as an employee and became extremely successful because of our training.

Many of our employees have already built businesses before or already own a business, and they’re working in dark corners and trying to hide it from everybody. Why not just put it out in the open? Why not let people go through our courses and our products, and use our software and community? We’ll spot so many more issues that could have taken us much longer to find without them going through it themselves. It also will allow our employees to better understand where customers are coming from and what they go through.

I think it’s going to open their eyes to what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. There’s a lot of hard work involved. There’s going to be a lot of other uncertainty along the way that people are going to have to figure out. That is the nature of entrepreneurship. Opening our employees? eyes up to what that takes, I think will make them more effective at their roles here at and will also help them understand what customers are going through.”

Brynn Jacoby, Community Manager at, working on her business

Brynn Jacoby, Community Manager at said:

“I’m so incredibly excited and grateful to have the opportunity to start this business. I created my product opportunity list the day I found out we could start Amazing Selling Machine!  Not only do I see everyone’s success daily in the community, but I’ve been watching my step-dad build his own ASM business since April 2014.  I think it’s fantastic that is enabling us to become entrepreneurs.  Now I’ll truly understand exactly what our community is going through – both the good and the bad.”

Katie Klingele, a Member Support Team Member, excited to start her own business.

Katie Klingele, Member Support Team Member, exclaimed:

“I am so excited to participate in Startup Fridays because I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Growing up, I was always coming up with new businesses, and when I started working for, I was so impressed with how we help people achieve their goals of becoming their own boss.

Now that I get to try the program out myself, it will help me better understand customer issues and help improve our courses by going through the motions myself. I feel empowered by this company, and I love it! The fact that they are willing to open their courses to us and encourage us, is in fact AMAZING! And to provide their knowledge and support is just icing on the cake.”

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  • Elijah May says:

    That’s awesome! Well done, guys.

  • Rachel Price says:

    You guys truly are amazing! It would be so great to see employers around the world care about the welfare of their employees half as much as you do! If I were one of the employees in your company I would feel as if I just received something so much greater than just a raise! I must admit I’m a bit jealous, but I wish them all the success in the world…haha!

  • Victoria Benjamin says:

    That is so awesome! It must be great to work so close to Matt & Jason.

  • Adam Kubinyi says:

    This idea is absolutely unique and something that is missing at all other companies out there. My best wishes that ideal will succeed!!! 🙂

  • Adam Kubinyi says:

    This is an absolute innovation!!! Excellent idea, a breakthorugh!!! Good Luck! 🙂

  • Nico Jannasch says:

    This is one of the coolest initiatives I have ever seen a company undertake. Not only is ‘devote 20% of your time to your own projects’ in effect, it comes with coaching, a mastermind with other employees, and angel funding!

    • Ben Cummings Ph.D. says:

      This is part of a powerful concept applied to achieve “Resource Agility”.When the outside world changes dramatically and suddenly help is needed just as quickly from across the organization. That can only happen fast if you can communicate effectively. If every one has experience that matches yours, you communicate well.

      In this management move experience is being given to employees so that they can understand our needs!

      Well Done!!!

  • Monique McCloskey says:

    “Give a man a fish. Teach a man to fish”. This is truly a wonderful concept. What better way to show the spirit of the ASM family community and ah inspiring selflessness. I’ll be looking forward to hearing all the success stories.

  • Yvonne Janson says:

    Now you are really thinking “outside the box”!

    I can understand that this will create a great opportunity for most employees and the company can only benefit from such a move!

  • Enya hu says:

    That is truly amazing!!!

  • Phil says:

    Great Idea! What an company it must be to work for!

  • Sara says:

    Are you guys hiring? 🙂

  • Nancy Vu says:

    More info please.

  • Handynummer Orten says:

    Leaders make a lot of promises. They promise high-quality products and experiences to customers, careers that offer opportunity and purpose to employees, ambitious strategies to accelerate innovation to investors, and social and environmental responsibility to society at large.

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