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[Infographic] 6 Steps to Starting a Business Leveraging the Power of Amazon

By October 7, 2015 5 Comments

starting a business

This year, Amazon is well on pace to do over $100B in revenue. You have the opportunity to capture your piece of the pie, but it requires some work. Here are the steps you need to take to start your Amazon business. We’ve compiled the steps in an easy to use and save infographic.

starting a business

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To your success!6 Steps to Starting an Amazon Business


  • Felipe Marquardt says:

    Where do I get the EAN or IPC number? Is it defined by the seller or at Amazon?
    I imagine that I must create the product at Amazon before manufacturer sends it.

  • mike huey says:

    Important ? I have heard that it is not allowed for Colorado citizens to sell on Amazon because of Colorado tax laws Is this true or is there a way around it ??

    • Melissa Pont says:

      Hi Mike, this is not true at all. This only applies when you are an Amazon affiliate. You can sell physical products on Amazon literally from anywhere. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Milan Zatecky says:


    I have one question. Wy is jewelry bad category to start selling on Amazon?

    Thanks a lot

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