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My Secret Weapon to Increasing Sales and Conversions on Amazon

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The strategy I’m going to tell you about is near and dear to my heart. It is a tried-and-proven business practice, and something that has made the difference in our business success. When used in conjunction with a powerful Amazon sponsored ads strategy, sellers can significantly increase their sales and conversions.

For the last two years, I have personally responded to each product review we have received on Amazon.  I am very passionate about the importance of this daily action step, and it is one of the most important tasks I do each day to grow our business. Whether it’s you as the owner, or one of your employees responding to product reviews, doing so goes a long way to increase your bottom line.  Here’s why…

Are You Leaving Thousands of Dollars on the Table?

I estimate that at least 90 percent of Amazon sellers are not responding to their customer’s reviews.  And if they are, they aren’t using the right tone and language.  Writing with a tone of respect, gratitude, and personalization will go a long way to make your customer feel important and valued in your brand’s community, while taking an aggressive approach may help you feel good about getting that “load off your chest,” but in fact alienates your customer and potential customers.

In fact, as one of my heroes Dale Carnegie so wisely stated in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People: “One of the deepest needs people have is to feel important.”  

Why wouldn’t you go out of your way to make each of your customers feel like a VIP?  After all, if people feel special as a highly respected customer, they will be much more likely to refer their friends to your business.   

Not only that, but your kind response is attracting more customers who take notice.

It’s the little things that are going to make your business stand out and shine above your competitors, so that customers choose to buy your product instead of theirs.

It’s just like if you were competing for a job position.  Often, the person that gets the job is the one that sends a personalized thank you card to the job interviewer.  They showed gratitude, proper etiquette, and a social awareness that someone did something nice for them.  

The same is true with selling products on Amazon. The person that gets the sales is the one that demonstrates gratitude to their customers.  

Yes, even to those who leave negative feedback.

How Can You Make Customers Feel Important Using Reviews?

“Listen and Respond.”

Just like Alex Hitchens teaches in the movie “Hitch,” it is so important to listen to what your customer is saying.  Read what their review says, and tailor a response that shows that you actually read what they had wrote.  Help them feel understood, let them know that you can relate to what they experienced.  And above all, thank them for what they wrote and for taking the time to share their experience using your product.  Let them know how it helps your company improve and grow.  

3 Major Benefits to Your Bottom Line

  1. More Traffic: Responding to reviews gives you an opportunity to pack your listing full of relevant keywords, making your listing more robust and relevant to Amazon’s search term algorithm.  Responding to reviews using exact and synonymous keyword phrases will help you rank better for highly searched keywords, which means more traffic to your listing.
  2. Demonstrate Great Customer Service in Action: Show potential customers how you treat your customers.  This will help influence their decision to buy your product, as well as show them that if they too leave a product review, they will be recognized and appreciated for their feedback!   Most customers read reviews and the comments.  They will see that your company is doing it right.  They will be loyal, and more likely to leave a good review as well.
  3. Show Amazon You Are Actively Using Your Listing:  The more activity on your listing, the more Amazon seems to reward your business.  They like to see that you are actively using and improving your listing.  In fact, I believe that they are willing to send more traffic to your listing because of it.

Just remember that good reviews are the lifeblood of your business.  

A great review can literally be worth thousands of extra dollars a day, with the increase in conversion they give your business.  The least you can do is comment on the review and say thank you.  

It’s just good manners.  We all like to be noticed and told thank you when we do something kind for someone else.  

The Important Elements of Great Responses

Make sure to do the following things when you respond to a customer:

  1. Address your customer personally by name, or ID name.
  2. Thank them genuinely for their review.  
  3. Respond to them in a way that demonstrates you actually read what they wrote. This gives you an opportunity to use relevant keywords in your responses.  Change up the keywords you use in each review. For example, if you sell electric pumps, in one response you might say “Thank you so much for your amazing review for our premium electric pumps.  We are so pleased that it made inflating your swim toys so easy.”  In the next review, say something different like, “Thank you so much for your incredible review! We are so thrilled that you love our electric bicycle tire pump…”
  4. After commenting on what your customer wrote in their review, thank them again for taking the time to share their beneficial feedback.  Let them know how much you value them as your important customer, and how cool they are for choosing your product.
  5. Then end the comment with your name, and possibly your position in the company.  

The Final Results?

If ever I go a week without responding to reviews, then go back and respond to all the recent reviews, I notice three important things.  Our sales ranking goes up, our conversion goes up, and our sales revenue goes up.  Three things that anyone would love to see happen.

This is why I have made this one of the most important priorities on my daily to-do lists.  I am able to stay engaged with our customers.  

Show your customers how much you appreciate them.  

Read their feedback, and make important strategic decisions based on what they’re saying. 

And most importantly, I get even more bought-in to our products.  

The more positive things people say about your products, the more excited you will be about your business and where it’s headed.

As all of you “Law-of-Attraction-friends” know, the more positive thoughts and feelings you have about something, the more positive results you receive.  

Keep in mind, the opposite is also true.

Karyn first found her love of business as an 8 year old, when she started a highly lucrative popsicle stand. She learned the power of memorable marketing, efficient supply chain processes, and being the boss.  She is a graduate of The Marriott School of Business from BYU. She also received an international business certificate through CIMBA located in Paderno del Grappa, Italy.  She loves all things Italian (especially pizza), the art of selling, kind people, dancing, and her family.


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