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The Secret to Marketing That So Many Amazon Sellers Fail to Grasp

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Secret to Marketing

For two years now, I?ve been working with Amazon sellers around the world, teaching them how to use online advertising to grow their Amazon business. I?ve seen many successes and failures. Some Amazon sellers take what I teach them, and they absolutely crush it, but some take it and totally bomb.

Some students have written me messages, wondering why they weren?t succeeding. Among all of those messages I saw a common trend?almost all of those who failed fell into one of two categories:

1. Their product was not innovative.

2. Or, they didn?t take the time to learn the secret of marketing.

If you have a bad product, it doesn?t matter how many people you show it to, it?s not going to sell very well. And on the flip side, if you have a great product and don?t show that product to the right people, it’s also not going to sell well. Now, the perfect mix is having a great product and promoting that product to the type of people that would be most interested in it.

Sell Innovative Products on Amazon

Many Amazon sellers just source the same products that dozens of other sellers are sourcing, with no innovation to the product itself.

This puts sellers into competitive waters where it?s difficult to convince someone to purchase their products. When there are many other similar competitors, it’s almost impossible to ever do well with a product.

When marketing your products, the more unique your products are, the better your campaigns will perform. Imagine spending $1000 to promote your plastic fly swatter to users on Facebook. One million people might see the promotion. And the majority of those people will probably not buy the fly swatter because it?s the same fly swatter they?ve seen hundreds of times at the grocery store.

Now picture a battery-powered light-weight fiberglass fly swatter that just zaps flies in mid air. If you put that message in front of a million people, it?s almost guaranteed that you?ll get way more interest.

Advertisements just look boring when the product being advertised lacks innovation. Don?t just sell fly swatters and grill mats, sell something that people have never heard of before. The more innovation in the product, the more reasons a consumer has to buy it.

One easy way to solve this problem is to start looking at other peoples? products and find ways to make them better. Let?s say you want to get into the fly swatter business. Find the top three fly swatters on Amazon, and pull a list of all of their negative reviews. Then make a list of the most common complaints that people make. Now you?ve got a great list of things that you can use when crafting your fly swatter!

Learn the Secret to Marketing

Even if you sell an intriguing and innovative product, you still need to get the word out about it if you want to sell any. There is a secret to marketing that many people fail to grasp, and I?m going to share it with you today.

Many people have trouble getting it because the secret is so simple, and people like to overcomplicate things. They focus on all of the details, but totally miss the main point.

The secret is that marketing flows in a circular motion, it is never-ending. It?s an ongoing cycle of testing and analyzing.

Let?s go back to the fiberglass fly swatter example. If you wanted to promote this product on Facebook and Instagram, you would first write an ad describing all of the innovative things about your product. The next thing would be to put that ad in front of the right people. But who are the ?right? people?

The whole ?put the right message in front of the right people? has been repeated thousands of times by well-known marketers around the world. But if you don?t think of the concept of ?right? as a flexible idea, then you?re totally missing the point. Because when it comes to using marketing to spread advertising messages, there are infinite ways to reach people. So, finding those right people is a matter of ongoing trial and error.

Which of these do you think a fiberglass fly swatter would be more attractive to: moms with toddlers, dads who drive pickup trucks, or adults who live in rainy small towns? The answer is, that these might all be the right people, or maybe only one group of them is. The only way to find out is to test it.

With the Facebook Ads platform, you can promote your products to people on Facebook and Instagram, and you can target those promotions to people in many ways. You can customize targeting by age, gender, family status, interests, financial status, purchase behavior, and many other methods. And you can fine-tune your targeting by stacking methods on top of each other. For example, you can target single, 25-year-old females who make over $60K/year, who like to shop for shoes online.

Every idea you have for who might be interested in your products is one hypothesis that can only be tested by promoting your products to that specific group. And they will all perform differently than each other. So, the ?right? audience today may very well change tomorrow if you?re truly utilizing the secret of advertising.

You must constantly be testing new ways of reaching your ideal audience, and analyzing the results of those tests. When done correctly, the ?right? people will become more and more right as time goes on.

The same concept applies to the promotional messaging. There are also an infinite number of ways to express what is innovative about your product. And all of those ways can be tested and analyzed.

So when marketing is done right, the right people and the right message is really a moving force that is constantly improving.

Want to Learn More?

I?ve had the opportunity of working with thousands of Amazon sellers over the last two years, and it?s helped me really see what makes people succeed and fail at the Amazon business.

On Wednesday December 2nd, I?ll be teaching a class on using Instagram advertising to effectively promote Amazon products. Then on Friday December 4th I?ll be hosting a more advanced class on how to scale ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

During these live online classes, I?ll be sharing with you a step-by-step strategy to launching an Amazon product promotion on Instagram, and the blueprint for analyzing those results so that you can constantly be improving the performance of your promotions.

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