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Retail Arbitrage: How I Got $178K+ in Sales With a $100 Investment

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Today’s guest post is by Christie Nachtrab, the instructor for Retail Arbitrage Fast Track course that is available in She wanted to share with us her bit about her journey with Retail Arbitrage and selling on Amazon.

2009: We struggled.

In 2008 I became a mother for the first time. I then made the decision to be a stay at home mom because I wanted to be able to raise my children instead of paying someone else to do so. Shortly after, during the economic turmoils of 2009, my husband’s job was eliminated although thankfully he was able to stay within the company. He had a pay cut of about 25% and his hours were reduced. We struggled. We had late payment notices coming in as well as a foreclosure notice. We were able to get a hardship loan to defer interest for a period of time, but our new income simply did not cover the everyday bills. We made it work but lived paycheck to paycheck. I couponed, shopped wisely, and cut out the things that were not required.

We took the only $100 we had and started our Amazon business.

In 2012 I learned about selling on Amazon from my step uncle. We were still living paycheck to paycheck, but were in a slightly better position as my husband was back to working 40 hours a week. He was still making less and also, we now had three children. I told my husband about selling on Amazon; we only had $100 that did not belong to bills.  Although he was very skeptical, we made the decision to use the money to try this out.  We took the only $100 we had and started our Amazon business.

Buying our first inventory wasn’t all that easy. We are from a very rural community and live about 50 minutes to an hour from any major shopping areas. And if you recall back to 2012, gas prices were well over $3 a gallon. We were terrified about spending money on gas to go shopping for inventory. What would happen if we went all that way and didn’t find anything? Our solution was to give plasma every time we would go shopping (a blood bi-product for those that do not know). We each received $20-$30 when we did this and it offset the cost of fuel, as it also contributed to buying inventory. We usually shopped 2 times a week for only a few hours while my in laws watched the kids. Yes, that is how determined we were to make this work.

I had to make this work.

We shipped all of our products into Amazon bulk and used their Fulfilment by Amazon platform so that we never had to ship any customer orders. We didn’t want our lives consumed with shipping products. My initial goal was to do $100 in sales a day. That would provide us with about $1000 a month in profit. It wasn’t going to make us rich but it would take some of the money stress off of our shoulders. I was so determined to make this work for us. I wanted to help provide for our family, but still be able to remain at home with my kids. I read, watched, and consumed every piece of information out there about Amazon. Now people ask how I could possibly know so much about Amazon. The answer is: I didn’t want to screw anything up for us.  I had to make this work.

My first full year in business: $178,000+ in sales.

Three to four months after I started my Amazon business I was averaging somewhere between $400-$500 in sales a day. I couldn’t believe it, someone pinch me! Am I dreaming? It was by far the easiest money I had ever made in my life (not to mention fun… come on I was shopping for a living!) My first full year in business I was able to do $178,000+ in sales. I was able to do this on a very part time basis, while raising a 5, 3, and 2 year old at the time. I did this with only $100 of our own money. About 3 months in I learned to leverage credit. I used a credit card that we were able get with a measly $800 limit. We paid it off every 2 weeks when we got paid by Amazon and then bought more inventory. We were able to increase our credit score dramatically as well because of this process. Slowly but surely we were able to increase our credit score and thus our credit limits. We continued to repeat the process… buy, payoff, buy and payoff.

I have been able to take this business to much larger levels.

My goal had been to have my husband quit his job by early 2015. However, late in 2014 I faced a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. We decided to send in as much product as we could shortly after the diagnosis, knowing that I would not be able to continue to shop much longer. I underwent Chemo and Radiation Therapy during the holiday season and did very little with my Amazon business. Amazon pretty much ran my business for me. I was still able to do $36,000+ in sales during November and December that year. Earning a full time income coming from a rural area with minimal effort, I can happily say I am now cancer free and my husband has since quit his job and joined me full time in our business.  We should do somewhere between $600,000 and $1,000,000 in sales this year. Plus, we take much of the summer months off to spend time camping and traveling with our kids.  That is the best thing about this business, you can decide how much effort you want to put in to it. And your effort impacts what you will get out in return. Most jobs will never ever offer that. Anyone can do this business if you decide to make it work for you.

Why I wrote the course.

The first reason I wrote the course Retail Arbitrage Fast Track, was because I want to give this opportunity to everyone out there that want to end the paycheck to paycheck cycle. The second reason I wrote it was because I knew I could streamline the learning process. I will be letting you learn from my mistakes, fast tracking everyone by giving a helping hand. I believe that by watching the Retail Arbitrage Fast Track course in the Amazing Membership, you will be able to achieve even bigger results in your first year.

Why you should try Retail Arbitrage:

#1- You can start this business with very little investment. $100 can be turned into thousands.

#2- Retail Arbitrage is a low risk business opportunity. You will learn how to make a calculated decision every time you find a product opportunity.

#3- You can do this part time. You can do this even while working your regular job to see how it builds.

#4- Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform for 3rd party sellers and does billion in sales each year. You can be part of these billions in sales.

#5- You choose the hours you work. Using the Fulfilment by Amazon Platform, they sell your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And they ship your products to your customers.

#6- Make money while you spend time with family and friends, travel, and even while you sleep. Nothing is more fun than waking up to hundreds of dollars in sales.

#7- You can manage your business with an internet connection alone.

#8- Show me up and do even more than me in your first year. I can’t wait to hear your success story.

Make sure you check out our new Retail Arbitrage Fast Track course taught by Christie here. Don’t forget, your trial of the membership is always on us!

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