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Recent Updates By Amazon: What to Expect From Amazon's Split Testing

By August 6, 2015 October 20th, 2019 2 Comments

Amazon's Split Testing

This article was written by Rich Henderson and is featured in Amazing Profit Monthly, the only magazine dedicated specifically to physical-products sellers and their businesses.

Product Title Character Length

Amazon made an announcement a few weeks ago that they were going to restrict the title length of product listings to 200 characters.

We have had a few reports of listings being suspended with a message telling the seller they must make their title compliant before they will restore it.

As always with Amazon, this does not seem to be a site-wide action; however, it could be they are going to do this gradually, so we can?t just be blasé about this.

If you have not done so, we strongly recommend you immediately update your title if it is longer than 200 characters.

Having to do this is not something to be overly concerned about and in fact, you might find it improves your conversion. We have already had numerous members report an improvement in conversion after reducing their character length.

This is especially true of established listings that no longer require the benefits of the ASM long title, which is primarily for initial keyword ranking of longer tail keywords.

The best method here is to look at your title and use the product name, the most important keywords, and the main benefit. Also, do not be afraid of split-testing titles, but always let them run for at least a week before changing to compare.


Product Listing Template Change

Amazon appears to be split-testing a new layout for their product pages. This only appears to be happening in a couple of categories like health and personal care and beauty.

Now, they do seem to be switching back and forth a lot, and it?s obviously a large scale split-test. The differences are easy to spot; the images take up a much bigger area, the title is shortened with a link to view the entire title, and only one or two of the bullet points show above the fold, again with a link to click to see them all.

There is not a lot any of us can do about this right now, as we do not know which they are going to go for after the test. However, this is a reminder to make sure our images are stellar. This applies to the existing format, and it looks like it?s even important if the new layout becomes the default one.

Amazon Small and Light

This is a new FBA option, which is currently by invite, but if any of your products qualify, you can contact them and normally get accepted.

It is quite simple, really; products that qualify are shipped free to your customers, similar to Amazon Prime. As the name suggests, the products need to be small and light to qualify.

These are the requirements. It must:

  • weigh less than or equal to 8 ounces.
  • have dimensions less than or equal to 9x6x2 inches.
  • generally be priced under $10.

This is one to watch if they expand the price, as it might make previously not profitable product viable.

And of course if you have a product that matches the dimension requirements, but is a little more than $10, you might want to contact Seller Central Support and see if they will accept it.

Change to Review System                                        

Amazon announced a change to how they display reviews recently. Here is what they say:

?Recently, we have changed the way our system evaluates reviews, giving greater weight to more recent reviews and Verified Purchases. The enhanced customer reviews system will only apply to product ratings and will not affect Seller Ratings or other performance metrics.?

Now, like the listing format changes, this is not site-wide yet and has only been implemented in certain categories so far, so it could be a test.

However, if you are in one of those categories, it means you have less control over keeping your best reviews at the top. We are evaluating this, and as soon as we have some answers, we will update you.

A small silver lining is that competitors won?t be able to use sites like Fiverr to vote up bad reviews on our listing.

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  • Ian Moffat says:

    I would like to find out more about the “Amazon Small and Light” the new FBA option mentioned by Rich. I cannot see it in the many sections of Amazon,thanks for any assistance,Ian

  • Jem Friar says:

    Just contacted Amazon about the Small & Light scheme & they said that there are 4 requirements:
    – weigh less than or equal to 8 ounces;
    – have dimensions less than or equal to 9x6x2 inches;
    – be priced under $10; and
    – be currently fulfilled through your own fulfillment network (cannot be enrolled in standard FBA).
    The 4th one wasn’t mentioned in the article & may make it a bit tricky if your product is already in FBA

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