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The First Step to Raising Your Entrepreneurship Profile

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As an avid entrepreneur, I am always looking for entrepreneurship resources and tools that get my brain thinking, working and evolving. Back in the day when I decided I would forever be my own boss and leader, there was an obvious lack of support and programs for budding businessmen and women. Because of this, I made many mistakes along the way and had to teach myself through my experiences how to become a better businessman.

Over the years I have met with countless entrepreneurs and key persons of influence and learned what struggles and adversities they faced along their road to success. A common issue I heard repeatedly, no matter what industry they were part of, was the same problem that I had to overcome myself; having a place to go for help from people who have ?been there, done that? in the early stages of their career.

I often work with and advise new entrepreneurs and give them what I?ve learned and knowledge to guide them to success. One of the most crucial things I always tell everyone is to raise their profile. This is an important aspect in business in many ways. How and why did I get on Shark Tank? There are other successful businesses in the As Seen On TV industry, so why did they choose me? Because I have always consciously worked to raise my profile, get my name out there, and strive to be a leader in my industry.

Original Sharks

Raising your profile can come in many different forms and involves multiple methods of execution. Start with the easiest, cheapest way to do so ? blogging and social media. The more content that you deliver out to this world, the more likely it is that someone will see it and learn about what you bring to the table and what sets you apart from the rest.

There are thousands of distribution platforms to get your name out there. I refer to this as publishing yourself. This doesn?t mean you have to go write and distribute a book; but rather something much simpler. Write a blog, add your insight to an article, create YouTube videos, get PR help, create podcasts, and do anything where a large audience can read and see what you have to say. The more content out there, the more people know about you and want to do business with you. This works for raising your personal profile as well as the profile of your business.

In my own life, ultimately what happened to me once I raised my profile is far above and beyond Shark Tank. Having my profile out in the marketplace very quickly built my credibility, my reputation as an expert, my own brand, and attracted more people to want to do business with me. This not only helped me grow more customers for my businesses, but retain the customers to develop long-term relationships.

Always remember, what you put out there lives forever.

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