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The Story of Me and WeChat Campaign

By Selling on Amazon

The Story of Me and WeChat is a web page on the WeChat app that allows users to see an overview of their activities on WeChat within the previous year. Originally, The Story of Me and WeChat campaign was created for internal use during the company?s annual meetings, but because someone who attended this annual meeting happened to share it, the link ended up going viral and was…

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Side Projects: Your First Step to Transitioning into Starting Your Own Business

By Selling on Amazon

There might come a point in your life when you start wondering whether you’re on the right track. You may also decide that what you?ve been doing for several years might not be what you want to be doing for the years to come. Especially in January, many of us reflect on our life choices and question whether we have chosen the right path. If you’ve decided that entrepreneurship is the path you want to take, but just don’t know how to get started, you might wonder what to do to make such a breaking transition! Side projects are a perfect way to get the skills you need and the funding to get started.

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