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Angie’s Amazon Journey To 200k Monthly Revenue

By Student Stories

A member of Amazing Selling Machine, Angie Chacon began her journey with Amazing.com and Amazon in October 2014 (ASM 4).  She reached the 100k monthly revenue mark 1 year later (November 2015), and only months after that is on the verge of hitting the 250k mark on her Amazon business.  With no prior experience on Amazon, ecommerce, or marketing, Angie’s success is remarkable.  While her…

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Launch Your Business with the Power of Live Video

By Tips & Tricks

In November 2015, I spoke at the Amazing.com Summit. At the event, there were about two thousand attendees either actively selling Amazon products or new excited folks looking for solid strategies for building their brand new business at this event.  So you might be wondering what I spoke about? Or maybe you?re not, considering I create little confusion as to what my passions are?and if that?s the case, you guessed it,…

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5 Quick Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses

By Tips & Tricks

Anyone who works in online business will know how quickly the landscape changes as new technologies and trends take hold. It’s important to keep tabs on which marketing strategies are evolving into effective drivers of traffic, leads and conversions, and which established techniques are falling out of favor. Here’s a list of marketing hacks that have a low impact on the wallet and high impact…

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