6 Reasons You Should Start an Amazon Business

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Amazon. The mere mention of the name brings to mind enormity. When you think of Amazon you think of gigantic warehouses humming along busily, night and day. You imagine packages being delivered to all corners of the globe, some of them literally dropping down from the sky. You may even wonder how many people are browsing and buying from Amazon that very second.

And then, if you?re like me, all those thoughts crystallize into one tantalizing question: ?How do I get into that business??

Here?s what a lot of people don?t realize: You actually can get into that business, and it?s easier than you think.

Amazon has grown to be a $100 billion company by using an extensive network of sellers who keep its tons of products moving. Anyone can become one of these sellers and establish a highly profitable business within Amazon.

This business model offers a lot of advantages over others. Here are 6 reasons you should start an Amazon business of your own. Continue reading “6 Reasons You Should Start an Amazon Business”

Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

I’m a time management geek! As an entrepreneur, you have to be an expert at time management. As an employee, your daily schedule is mostly dictated by your boss or company. As an entrepreneur, you have to make it up as you go along! You have to decide what the best use of your time is for the biggest contribution to your company.

That’s why I’m sharing a glimpse into my daily routine that I’ve optimized for productivity. Feel free to use this as your schedule blueprint.  Plus, find out the ONLY two hours of the day you should be reachable.

Time Mgmt Tips Infograph


Looking to start your own business? Check out these 50 hot products you can sell right now on Amazon.

7 Reasons Now is the Best Time to be an Entrepreneur


There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur? Take advantage of these 7 reasons why:

  1. It?s never been more affordable.

    From entrepreneurial education to the ability to work from anywhere, it?s never been more affordable to start your own business.

  2. Easy-to-use and readily-available technology.

    Need something automated for your business? There?s an app for that. But seriously, there is pretty much software out there for every possible need you may have in your business. Whether it be accounting, analytics, social media management, marketing automation, it exists, and if it doesn?t, you may have just found your business idea! Continue reading “7 Reasons Now is the Best Time to be an Entrepreneur”

Brad and Jack's Epic Lunch with Richard Branson


Amazing.com was honored to have Sir Richard Branson speak at ASM 4 Live Event in February 2015. His entrepreneurial insight and giving spirit were nothing short of inspirational for us and our ASM students. After posting about Liat’s exciting opportunity to ask Sir Richard Branson a question on stage at Live Event, another two ASM students reached out to us in the blog comments about their chance meeting with him in the following message:

Continue reading “Brad and Jack's Epic Lunch with Richard Branson”