How To Pick The BEST Amazon Marketplace (International & US Sellers)

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Did you know that Amazon sells over 100 million prime members and 180 different countries? But there are only four Amazon marketplaces they need to know to create a life-changing business on Amazon.

We’ve talked more than 30000 people from over 130 countries how to sell an Amazon by building their brands of physical products.

When starting off selling on Amazon, the first thing you need to decide is where to start selling. It could seem a little daunting because Amazon doesn’t divide up where they sell simply by countries. Instead, they’ve created what they call marketplaces that serve customers in multiple countries over 180 different countries to be exact.

There are 12 different Amazon marketplaces, but we recommend only starting in one of four specific ones. And why. Because these four have the most customers and we’ll give you the best chances of making sales fast. Those four marketplaces are,,, and

How do you pick the right one? Well, it’s simple. So follow this rule if you live in the UK. Start with If you live in Germany, start with Amazon that. If you live in Japan start with And if you live in the US or any other country start in the US.

These are the rules that are more than 30000 students have followed when building their businesses on Amazon. And these are the rules that you should follow to make sure that you start selling in the right place and start selling your products fast.

Now once you’ve picked where you’ll be selling, that’s just the first step in creating your own business. You also need to pick the perfect product.

Choose a great supplier and create a powerful listing on Amazon that’ll make Amazon’s 200 million monthly visitors wanting to buy your product.

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5 DEADLY Sins Of Selling On Amazon FBA (And How To Avoid Them)

Want to learn the five deadly sins for selling on Amazon that caused people to fail and how to avoid them. Stop what ever else you’re doing and watch this video now. 

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1. So the first deadly sin of selling on Amazon is focusing on personal preference rather than on data. You know this is one of the biggest things that people had to get over and we started teaching them this model years ago. It’s that you know everyone has a brilliant product idea. There’s something that they want to sell that nobody’s ever sold and they think is going to do great. The problem is is that if you’re building a business to make money that’s a very risky way to do it. The good thing about selling on Amazon is Amazon gives you the data of what’s selling well. You can find out how many competitors are. You could find out how many reviews that they have. So Amazon has a massive amount of data but that gives you the opportunity to really filter down into opportunities that are proven with high sales volume and low competition. So you don’t have to guess. So don’t worry about you know trying to be the first person to market with some brilliant idea. Let Amazon tell you what the best products are and start there first. 

2. Number two is not enough profit margin. And this one is absolutely huge because if you don’t have enough profit margin you’re not going to be able to take advantage of really putting any marketing efforts into it. One of the biggest things on Amazon right now is Amazon’s marketing plan from our advertising platform in a way you can really dominate your competition is making sure you have enough profit margin in there to actually afford to spend ads. And the big thing that happens with this is people tend to get a little lazy when they start looking at the pricing. They just find out exactly what the manufacturer will sell it for and they say Okay well then I can sell at this price and there is a profit margin but there’s more to it than that. And Amazon actually has a fantastic free tool that allows you to know exactly what to target what your expenses will be. And in my personal opinion I recommend no less than 20 percent profit margin. You really want to focus for around 30 percent. That’s a really a magic number where it gives you a lot of freedom to be able to spend money to grow and market your product and then be able to take profit out for yourself as well. 

3. The third deadly sin is selling a low quality product. A lot of times when somebody comes to us that’s who they’ve been through our training or has never been through our training and they’re like I don’t understand why my business isn’t working. One of the first things we always look at is their product. Are they selling a good high quality product. I’m a one time we were sitting in a private mastermind and this guy had his product up on the screen and was like I don’t know maybe I’m not doing some of the advertising stuff right. But Jason was talking about I’m not getting my traffic from outside of Amazon to work well and the people are giving them nice marketing ideas. And I started looking at his reviews and I was like looks like your product doesn’t actually work. That’s something that you need to sort out first before anything else. Otherwise you’re going to be fighting bad reviews. You’re not going to get as many positive reviews. 

You’re not going to get as many referrals sales and repeat buyers. So first things first. Make sure you have a good high quality product that you’re selling on Amazon. 

4. Poor inventory management. This one will kill your business. And when you’re first launching on Amazon and first starting you’re going to run out of inventory. We actually never recommend anyone buying too much inventory because you want to make sure your product first sells. But then once your product starts selling then you gotta take strict control of your inventory because one of the things that happened is as you run out of inventory and other people are able to take the momentum that your product being void has gained once you get your inventory back in you have to fight climb and scrape to be able to get those sales back. It takes you a lot more spending on Amazon ads. It is just a lot of work. But if you forecast and I recommend trying to do a 24 month you can do a 12 month but almost a 24 month rolling forecast of your expected inventory needs so that you can really understand how much inventory you have how long it’s going to be and you can order in the right amount of time poor inventory management will absolutely crush a business. 

5. The fifth and final deadly sin is focusing on traffic before conversion. A lot of times you know especially if you like marketing especially if you’re trying to build your business fast. Like I just want to start getting sales and the easiest way you think to get sales is to start just turning on ads. 

Maybe you’re turning on Amazon ads maybe you’re turning on Facebook ads or any other source of traffic you have access to your posting on social media. 

Any way you can get people to find and buy your product. You start doing that stuff first. The problem is if that’s backwards you want to make sure before you start especially spending money for people to go check out your product on Amazon that you have a good high quality product listing and on Amazon that means good photos good title good bullet points good description at least a handful of good solid reviews because if you get all that stuff in place first then all of that traffic is going to be way more profitable otherwise you may spend too much money on ads and be like ad is business just isn’t working. Just keep losing money. I don’t really get it but if you would have just focused on creating the best listing possible first then turning on the ads much more profitable and you’re off and running it can start scaling your business. 

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How To Rank On Amazon: 2 Steps You Need To Take (Right Now)

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I want to teach you one of the fastest most powerful ways to launch your product on Amazon. Over the years there’s been a lot of different ways people have launched their products when selling on Amazon. They’ve presale products by building a ton of hype and a Facebook group. They’ve launched products by giving away for practically free, and they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on celebrity endorsements.

Today I’m going to tell you about my favorite strategy that takes advantage of Amazon the fastest growing part of their own business. Amazon advertising Amazon made almost 10 billion dollars just from their advertising services last year. That’s a ninety-five percent increase over the previous year and shows just how fast they’re growing and how powerful their advertising services have become.

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you need to be using their main advertising product. Amazon sponsor products to be successful. Now the reason I say this is not only to make sales directly from those types of ads but to also get a little known but huge side benefit of increased organic search rankings. If you have a well-optimized product listing and you target the most valuable keywords for it, then you’ll not only make sales from your advertising, but you’ll also move up in the search rankings for your product which is the number one way customers look for products on Amazon. Using these ads alone will help you launch your product and get immediate sales.

The second component is using another little know marketing tool that also comes from Amazon, and it’s called Amazon digital coupons. These coupons dramatically increase conversion rates, which is a way of measuring how many people who visit your page end up buying your product. When I watch a new product, I always create a great digital coupon anywhere from 25 to 50 percent off. And if you pick the right product with the right profit margin, you should still be able to break even or even make a profit with these discounts.

Coupons combined with Amazon sponsor product ads will get you even more sales and more organic ranking increases for your product, which has a snowball effect and helps continue the cycle of your product and bottom line. Growing and growing these two important tools Amazon sponsor products Amazon digital coupons are my current most powerful strategy for launching new products and turning them into top sellers on Amazon.

Now there are lots of other things you can do as well to make sure it’s successful such as finding the perfect product. Choosing the right supplier and creating a perfectly optimized product listing and we’ve included all that and more in a completely free training series that you can get at It’s completely free, and you can get immediate access by heading there and signing up.

The #1 Reason Your Product Is NOT Selling On Amazon (And How To Fix It)

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People often come to us who are already selling on Amazon, and they can’t figure out why they can’t make any sales. They maybe did some marketing on Amazon, and they couldn’t figure out how to produce consistent sales. We’ve seen this time and time again, and the number one reason why people are struggling to generate sales on Amazon is that their listing is no good.

Your product page on Amazon is what we call the listing that page. If a seller is not getting consistent sales, it is usually because their listing page is terrible and then they’re trying to run ads, and they’re trying to send people their terrible page. And they don’t understand why nobody’s buying.

This is your store. This is what people come to 24 hours a day seven days a week every day of the month to buy your products. If your page or your virtual store on Amazon doesn’t look as good as it possibly can, then you’re missing out on sales every single day.

Yes, so you could take say this is the product you want to sell which is a makeup organizer pretty basic product. We’ve pulled it up on Alibaba which if you’re not familiar is just a supplier sourcing site where you can go out there find suppliers and buy inventory from, and they can create your brand and that kind of thing. So we found one over here. It costs about five dollars or less to get these.

We talk about the certain parts of the listing of the page you want to pay attention to. Number one is going to be your pictures. You want to pay attention to the title then the bullets. And then also to the description at the bottom. This seller has checked all those boxes, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to do that. It just takes a little bit of planning and a little bit of knowledge that you’re learning right now to create a great listing that others will want to purchase from.

One last little tip: if you’re wondering how could I compete with that product’s already got a good number of reviews? They’ve done an excellent job with their listing, but they haven’t done a great job with some of the other aspects. Their packaging isn’t that good, and this instructional manual was also not very good. It’s not even written in very good English, and it’s just not a great experience for people.

If you already sell on Amazon or you want to sell on Amazon and plan to in the future make sure that one of the first things you do whenever you start selling your product great high-quality product photos.

Do some lifestyle images. Look at some good examples on Amazon and then create the rest of your listing. The bullets and the description and the title; make sure all that’s done first before you start worrying about traffic on Amazon. Get the listing right first then worry about traffic and make everything way more efficient, and you’ll waste less money.

If you’re interested in selling your product on Amazon check out our free training series where we go over everything you need to know from not only why is Amazon the source that you want to start with but also how to find products how to source those products. More importantly, how to launch those products in front of millions of active buyers, take care and check out the free training series now.

How To Find A Supplier For Amazon FBA Private Label Products

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In this video, we’re going to show you just how easy it is to source products you can sell on Amazon.

I’m going to start with a site called Alibaba. In general, what you need to bear in mind is for products to go on or in your body we strongly recommend that you source those in the United States. And we’re going to show you how you can do both. In case you’ve got a product which you want to source in China. So you go to the Alibaba dot com site and then we’re going to type in eyelash Sarah. And then you hit the search button.

It’s going to bring up numerous results for us. But at this stage, as I said we’re looking for the USA and the great thing about Alibaba is it shows China and the USA. So what we need to do is go to the supplier location. And then check the box that says the United States. And automatically it’s going to bring up the search results, and you can see here we’ve got I think it was how many products we’re looking at 22 potential suppliers of this product.

While it’s a good source, there’s an alternative we can use to which is actually to use Google itself. So again it’s straightforward we’re going to type in eyelash serum, but this time we’re going to add a private label, and we’re going to put it the whole sentence inside quotes and then hit the return button.

And you can see here we’ve got 24 results so again we’ve got a lot more results to look at from even more suppliers.

Let me show them one little tip. As you can see we’ve already showed you how to do Alibaba but if you want when you’re searching Google and you do see the Alibaba results come up what you can do is just after you’ve put the term eyelash serum private label simply put the negative side of the minus sign and then the term Ali Baba dot com. When you hit enter again.

Now all of the Alibaba listings will be removed so you know that you’re looking at other list and that’s a super step especially for saving time when you’ve got a huge amount of results on the page.

Let me add that so you might be asking like well why wouldn’t I buy from the U.S. versus China. Well, there’s pros and cons now as Rich said. Usually when we see anything that we want to put on our skin or we want to ingest. We recommend that you shop in the US just because of stricter regulations. Now, something like this however if you did want to shop in China chances are you’re going to be able to get a much lower price for your order quantity, but that’s not the only thing that you want to look at because there’s also shipping time.

And that’s really how simple it is to find suppliers. You want to use multiple suppliers, and you want to contact them all these suppliers whether it’s on Alibaba or you find them on Google will have a contact us page or an email you can send to.

To me, it’s the two key things. Take your time and contact as many suppliers. You know you may think this is a pain doing this but as Jason says the more supplies you contact. The better results you’re going to get because you’re going to have a better idea of what the product really should cost you. But it’s really simple. But it’s time consuming take your time and do it right.

If you’re interested in selling your product on Amazon check out our free training series where we go over everything you need to know from not only why is Amazon the source that you want to start with but also how to find products how to source those products. More importantly, how to launch those products in front of millions of active buyers, take care and check out the free training series now.