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New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

By December 28, 2015 March 16th, 2020 No Comments

New Year's Resolutions

New year, new resolutions. As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly setting goals and striving to do more, but as 2015 slowly comes to an end, let’s take a moment to reflect on what you can do to make the next year the best yet. In this article, eight entrepreneurs share their New Year’s resolutions for 2016, and how they plan to better their lives and businesses. We hope these resolutions help inspire you to create some of your own!

1. Assigning my own work hours

“I work alone, so it can be easy to get distracted. By giving myself ?hours? to work within, I find myself to be more productive. I work better under pressure, and knowing I may only have a bit more time left helps me. Sure, I go over the hours some days too, but this way I ensure not to let distractions take time out of my day. And when I do give my self time to relax in the evening, I feel much better about it with less guilt, knowing I?ve stuck to completing my tasks within the day.”

Chantal Mossess is the Founder & CEO of Boyajian Trend Gallery, an online boutique housing curated jewelry & accessories from independent designers she finds all around the world.

2. Creating a community

“In the few months since we launched Punkpost, it?s become obvious there?s an engaged community willing to participate. The whole point of Punkpost is to keep things more human, and we want to continue to highlight the people behind the card art and also the people who hand transcribe your messages by hosting events and classes for them and letting them not only highlight their talents, but also meet others in the scriptor community.”

Alexis Monson and Santiago Prieto are co-founders of an app called Punkpost that helps send handwritten cards and photos as quickly as texts (both recently quit their corporate jobs at IDEO and Brit+Co to launch it.)

3. Staying true to the brand

“2016 will be a big year for &pizza as we continue to grow and open up new shops. Our restaurant’s resolution is to stay true to who we are as a brand and stick to our four core values: celebrate oneness, make it personal, keep it fresh, and elevate everything. If we can live by those values, we know we’ll ultimately be able to serve up a phenomenal experience for our guests.”

Michael Lastoria is the Co-founder of &pizza, the collection of local pizza shops known in the D.C. area for their gourmet handmade pies, inventive flavor combinations, localized store design, and dedication to the community it serves.

4. Sticking to the business plan

“Entrepreneurs wear many hats and have to make a lot of decisions on a daily basis. When I decide to focus on certain initiatives or tasks, the rest of the world continues to make requests of my time and new opportunities (big or small) present themselves endlessly. This is why being more proactive and strategic in sticking to my business plan is the only way to manage my time effectively, and in turn produce better results for the business. Strategic plans can only be effective if they are executed successfully. When I try to take on every opportunity that sounds promising, it’s easy to get distracted and my to-do list becomes a mile long, which can feel debilitating.”

Jia Wertz is the CEO & Co-Founder of Studio 15, a New York City fashion company that was recently featured on Access Hollywood. Her job is to curate a collection of on-trend affordable fashion for young women and identify non-profit organizations to support with sales. “Which really means I find beautiful pieces of clothing for young women to play dress up in while supporting underprivileged women around the world. :)”

 5. Making some noise

“Sine opening in June, TVRunway has been in full-on product development mode. This means we unfortunately have not reached out to the press yet or done much user demand generation. But in 2016, we’re going to hit outreach & PR hot and heavy, implementing the company’s first true marketing campaign. The campaign means reaching out to users for the very first time about how to use TVRunway to buy clothes while watching tv shows online. This means user education videos, increased social media engagement, and lots of fun ways for viewers & shoppers to connect. Look out for a user referral program as well–and by user referral program, yes, we mean free clothes!”

Terena Bell is the co-founder & CEO of TVRunway. TVRunway allows people to buy the clothes from their favorite TV shows with a single click while watching online.

 6. Being more present

“My New Year?s Resolution for my business is to be more present. Running a small business has been an extremely stressful, yet rewarding journey. There are so many tasks at hand owning a business which result in equally as many distractions. My resolution to be more present will hopefully allow me to not only pay closer attention to those around me, but to more efficiently listen, learn and delegate. The power of being present will, in return, relieve stress, remove unnecessary worry and overthinking. 2016, here we come!”

Lori Cheek is a NYC based architect turned entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Cheekd— a mobile dating app that makes missed connections obsolete.

7. Moving on!

“Move on! Sometimes our business techniques are not working as well as we expected. If it is not working, stop using it. A technique that shows no sign of improvement is only damaging your business. The best thing to do is to part ways.”

Candice Galek is the CEO of Bikini Luxe an online fashion boutique based out of Miami, FL.

8. Being a leader

“My business resolution for 2016 is to not be a follower in my industry. My goal is to be disruptive and not conform to the pattern of the world but to be transformed by renewing my mind and strengths in running a business. With this new mindset I?ll be able to focus on my business in a new way and grow from there!?

Nellie Akalp is a serial entrepreneur & CEO of, an online legal document filing service.

What are YOUR New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Share with us in the comments! And remember, it doesn’t have to be a new year to make a positive change!


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