Jason Katzenback: Looking Back on Holiday Shopping 2014


Imagine selling 18 products per second, for an entire shopping day, just from mobile traffic! Amazon did just that with its toys on Cyber Monday…and that was just one example of the incredible results that the online giant recorded this holiday season.

It really is incredible to watch how successful Amazon has become, and I can’t help but wonder if the downturn of the economy a few years ago might have helped with their growth. It created a need for people to become smarter shoppers and research for better deals and higher quality. Because of this, online physical product sellers (like Amazon) directly benefit. Throw in free shipping and you just can’t compete on price!

Amazon has grown by leaps and bounds the past few years, and now as people are starting to spend more again, online retail is kicking butt. In fact, major outlets are now earning more online than at their physical locations, and the biggest online retailer, Amazon, is dominating the online physical product marketplace.

I have seen more of my students achieve incredible sales increases this holiday season than I ever remember seeing and I don’t see any reason why next year is going to be anything but BETTER! As the saying goes… “make hay while the sun shines.” Amazon has so much inertia behind them right now, I recommend anyone with a physical product to sell to get on Amazon!

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3 Replies to “Jason Katzenback: Looking Back on Holiday Shopping 2014”

  1. one thing i beleive is that online sales have jumped because going out to the malls and other outlet stores is expensive and dangerous because of high gas prices and the violence that takes place in lolal malls.

  2. Great article Jason. I also believe that the shopping experience has become enhanced online with the ability to access reviews and testimonials, written articles and content about the products that stores do not offer. Often times, stores are confusing and makes the shopping more of a chore than fun. Comparison shopping online is also fast and at your fingertips versus running around and hoping to find the best deals.

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