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Launch Your Business with the Power of Live Video

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In November 2015, I spoke at the Summit.

At the event, there were about two thousand attendees either actively selling Amazon products or new excited folks looking for solid strategies for building their brand new business at this event. 

So you might be wondering what I spoke about? Or maybe you?re not, considering I create little confusion as to what my passions are?and if that?s the case, you guessed it, I talked about Live Video.

Specifically  Because for the last few months I have loved this new live stream app for staying engaged with my existing community as well as growing a brand new community. 

If you want to know more about Periscope and how to add it to your business and have success with it you can watch my slide-deck by clicking here.

When I first started out I was getting about 20-30 leads a day from Periscope and now I get about 100-200 leads a day.

 The question is always HOW?

Well to simplify it for you… I create Periscope broadcasts and have calls to action in those broadcasts that send people to a webinar. An automated webinar using EasyWebinar. You can see that webinar by going here:

That?s the funnel.  Albeit, just one funnel that I use?but probably my favorite funnel. Because I actually like doing broadcasts to an audience! My other funnel is using Facebook ads and sending those to the same webinar.

And of course, what I am selling is my EasyWebinar software from the webinar. Yes I am selling EasyWebinar from an EasyWebinar event. The sales conversion on that funnel is 11%. (About 4% higher than my Webinar Mini Course that I also drive traffic to from Facebook)

No matter whether you are a physical product creator, book seller, coach selling her/his membership site or, consultant selling his/her services, or digital product creator.  The foundation of this strategy will work for you.

The quick action tip I gave during my presentation at the Amazing Summit was??Use Periscope to launch your new product? (whether sold on Amazon or not) by building an EarlyBird list potentially as far out as 12-8 weeks before opening your product doors. Especially if you don?t already have an existing list yet.

How do you build your EarlyBird list?

1. By giving away free content that is somewhat related to your product?

Here is what I would do:

Broadcast 1-3 Periscopes a day about topics that relate to your product.

For instance let?s say you are looking to sell gardening gloves from Amazon.

Well instead of doing ?scopes? (broadcasts) about why your gloves are so cool, do broadcasts about gardening tips.

Make a list of 30 topics that relate to your audience?s pains and desires. Here are 5 as an example.

?The 5 secrets to growing a beautiful organic garden?
?Kids and Veggie Gardening -Having Fun (Both of you)?
?How to know when to Harvest your garden??
?The Hows and Why of Thinning Seedlings?
?4 Things You Can do to Avoid Shoveling Blisters?

2. From those broadcasts offer up a free gift or webinar link where you dive deeper. An extra goodie that they will be excited about.  Something small, easy to digest but really valuable.

For instance, the free gift could be a resource guide for your perfect gardening kit (Equipment and accessories). Conservatively after 8-12 weeks you could have a list of about 1-3k new opt ins to your email list. (Maybe more)

So when do you sell?

3. From that EarlyBird list, you are going to offer your gardening gloves at a grand opening discount for 48-72hr before the rest of the public gets it. (Along with a couple special bonuses that are info-based that give more value and reason to buy)

Doing this will give you a number of sales over a short period of time which can increase ranking in Amazon.  You can also ask for real buyers’ feedback in the way of reviews which can dramatically help your Amazon ranking and help you reach a #1 Bestseller in a specific category. During that discount, run at least two EasyWebinars (live broadcasts where you sell your gardening gloves and explain the offer.)

Yes, Periscope for list building and EasyWebinar for selling!

4. Once that discount promotion is over for your EarlyBirds, maybe offer a price increase that is still going to be discounted from the final price (along with a bonus rolled in).

So essentially, one price hike after 72 hours for another 72 hours. (Run two more EasyWebinar events) 

5. Then for the next four days after that, have your product price set to whatever it?s going to be after the launch?but what will expire at the end of four days are the bonuses you are offering. (Run 2-3 more EasyWebinar events)

So the total launch window is about 10 days.

Now before you say it, yes I am well aware that selling a pair of gardening gloves might not be a big cash win even if you sell 500-1000 sales of a 10 dollar pair of gloves. (Might be about 10k from that launch)

So why would you do this type of system as a physical product seller?

By doing this system you?re jumpstarting your placement and growth path in Amazon for that product.  Plus, you are also building an actual list of your own audience who you can follow up with and offer other related gardening products besides the gloves alone.

After the launch do you stop there? Heck naw!

6. Consistent Evergreen List Building?Consider getting a blog created and house your Periscope broadcasts and tips there.

Use to follow up with your audience who come to your broadcast and continue to build your list. With fullscope You can send tweets out to your viewers and the link to your free gift or webinar using EasyWebinar.

Ok, that’s all for now!

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