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Key Takeaways and Top Quotes from the Summit

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Wow! The Summit that took place in Las Vegas November 6-8  is now over and we’re still spinning from information overload. Here are the top takeaways and quotes from each speaker at the Summit:

Jason Fladlien

Jason Fladlien - Summit

Jason Fladlien is a core member of Rapid Crush, one of our biggest strategic partners. The biggest takeaway I got from Jason Fladlien’s talk was to choose a product that invokes emotion. He said,

“I’d rather have a product that elicits an emotion than a product that has a good BSR.” We agree!

Garrett Gunderson

Garrett Gunderson - Summit

Garrett Gunderson’s company, Wealth Factory, empowers its members to build sustainable wealth through financial efficiency and organization leading to clarity, peace of mind and financial confidence. He taught everyone at the Summit to invest in themselves. He said,

“You are your greatest asset.”

Jay Kamhi

Jay Kamhi - Summit

Jay Kamhi is a former NYC street vendor turned physical product guru. He’s sold millions of fun novelty products including severed hands, Napoleon Dynamite dolls, and Hillary Clinton laughing pens. We loved when he said this:

“Don’t think. Just keep acting and move forward and you’ll get through it.”

Bill D’Alessandro

Bill D'Alessandro - Summit

Bill D’Alessandro is a serial entrepreneur with years of experience creating physical product businesses. He is also the instructor of one of our newest courses, Ecommerce: Product to Profit. He had the pleasure of speaking at the Summit on his 30th birthday! He shared the importance of expanding your business outside of Amazon. He also taught us all how to connect with influencers to get maximum exposure to the right niches. My favorite quote?

“When you talk to influencers, get personal. You don’t need to act like a big company to get a response.”

Justin Aquilia

Justin Aquilia - Summit

Justin founded Organic Ads, a company that leverages education and technology development to make advertising much simpler for businesses worldwide. He is also one of the instructors on our Facebook advertising for Amazon sellers course, Social Secrets. Justin and his business partner Alex taught the audience step-by-step how to set up Instagram ads using the Facebook platform. Key takeaway? The images are the most important part of the ad, so make sure they are beautiful and impactful.

Shelby Larson

Shelby Larson - Summit

Shelby Larson is the founder of ContentDivas and Ember Dragon and is an SEO and content expert. She taught us the importance of understanding Google’s algorithms geared toward intention. We loved her idea about creating an FAQ based on searchable phrases people typically ask Google relevant to your topic.

“If content is king, intention is his queen!”

John Gill

John Gill - Summit

John Gill has one of the most fascinating Amazing Selling Machine stories. He actually was a police officer for many years and had the dream of building his own business. When he found ASM, he had truly found his calling. Now he is making a fortune with his Amazon business, and loves sharing the keys to his success. His talk was all about the importance of mindset when it comes to starting and running a business. Favorite quote?

“You have to create your reason why.” Superstars Panel

ASM Superstars Panel - Summit

This panel of ASM rockstars are each making $50K/month or more! The biggest takeaway that they couldn’t stress more was the power of networking. Good thing there was a networking event that evening!

Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone - Summit

Ezra Firestone is a partner in BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, and is the company’s head of digital marketing. He is the founder/creative director of SmartMarketer, an information hub for do-it-yourself entrepreneurs. He taught us how to use tools like Google Display Network to acquire customers. Key takeaway?

“What is holding you back from 7 figures? Not spending enough. You need to reinvest back in the business.”

Karen Waksman

Karen Waksman - Summit

Karen Waksman is a manufacturers’ rep turned author, speaker, and consultant. After selling millions of units of products to the world’s largest retailers, she now dedicates her time to teaching entrepreneurs of all levels how to market and sell their products to catalogs and retailers of all sizes. She is also the instructor of our course Retail Profits. Her talk was all about getting your product from Amazon into retail stores like Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond. Best quote hands-down:

“At the end of the day, if you cultivate the right message, the retailer will buy your product.”

Franklin Cole

Franklin Cole - Summit

Franklin Cole is a marketing copywriting expert, and is the instructor of course Copy Command. He first started teaching about marketing funnels, and got to the importance of good copy for marketing. Best takeaway? Give your copy the “real life” test; read it out loud, read it to your mom. Favorite takeaway? Drinking wine before you write is great for the creative process–but it may need some editing the next day!

“Great copy happens during revision.”

ASM Superstars Panel #2

ASM Superstars #2 - Summit

We brought on another panel of amazing Amazon entrepreneurs to inspire the crowd. My favorite quote from that session was from Mike McClary:

“Be consistent. Find a little bit of time each day and dedicate it to this business.”

Casey Zeman

Casey Zeman - Summit

Casey Zeman’s session was a blast! Casey Zeman is the bestselling author of Build Your Audience with Live Video and founder of the webinar platform, EasyWebinar. He is also the instructor of Video Advantage. Casey’s session was all about live video and how to use it to build a customer list and launch your product. He also periscoped part of his session live, and so did we!

“Live video is more engaged and creates a one-on-one connection to your audience.”

Eric Bandholz

Eric Bandholz - Summit

Eric Bandholz is the founder of BeardBrand and appeared on the ABC show Shark Tank. He talked about the importance of branding, and making sure all business decisions you make go back to your brand. BeardBrand does not sell on Amazon for branding reasons, and we found that very interesting. He also spoke to the importance of catering content to specific niches, or as he called them, tribes. BeardBrand’s tribe is men who grow and groom facial hair as a fashion statement, and the women who love them.

“I had found my tribe.”

Ben Hebert and Roy Krebs

Ben & Roy - Summit

Ben Hebert and Roy Krebs are the instructors of course Ecommerce Blueprint. They taught us all about the rising and profitable trend of selling products through subscription (like the BirchBoxes and BarkBoxes of the world). They explained that subscriptions work in any niche and they help with inventory management. Favorite quote?

“Don’t be evil.” i.e. deceptive free trial or making it impossible to unsubscribe.

Rob Warner

Rob Warner - Summit

Rob Warner is the founder of, a paid ads expert, and the instructor of Search Marketing Science. He taught everyone the importance of using Google AdWords alongside your Amazon business and gave everyone quite a lot of notes to write down! Most important quote of the talk? When it comes to Google Adwords…

“Know your numbers.”

Rohit Bhargava

Rohit Bhargava - Summit

Rohit Bhargava has a passion for sharing non-obvious advice to help brands and leaders be more influential and does that through keynote speeches, published books and strategic advice. His session on building trust in marketing was dynamic and engaging. He believes brands are going through a believability crisis, and he taught the steps to take to earn trust and therefore success.

“You can win by being able to tell a more powerful story than anyone else.”

Stephan Aarstol

Stephan Aarstol - Summit

Stephan Aarstol is the founder of Tower Paddleboards and received funding from Mark Cuban on the show Shark Tank. Funny thing is, he actually goofed the first part of his Shark Tank pitch which he unabashedly shared with the audience. We think it’s important to share moments like this so that you can learn from them along with who you share it with! Matt Clark sat down with him for an interview to learn more about his success. One thing we found interesting was that his employees work 5 hours per day instead of the typical 8 hour day in the US.

“People buy because why you do what you do, they don’t buy what you do.”

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington - Summit

We are so happy to have Kevin Harrington as part of the family! Kevin Harrington is known as one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs over the past 35 years, and his products and businesses have reached over $5 Billion in sales in more than 100 countries! His success landed him on the ABC Emmy-winning hit show Shark Tank as one of the original “Sharks,” and he is known around the globe as inventor of the infomercial and creator of As Seen On TV. He is now the instructor of Quantum Entrepreneurship, our course all about quantum growth for your business. He shared many stories and examples of people who have pitched product ideas to him and he was able to launch them into what he calls “quantum” growth. He shared the 7 tips to radical success including “Develop curiosity overload.” He also shared the PERFECT pitch:

“Tease, please, seize.”

Brian Carter

Brian Carter -

Brian Carter is the #1 bestselling author of The Like Economy, Facebook Marketing, and The Cowbell Principle as well as the instructor of one of our newest courses,  Social Marketing Profit System. His session was an amazing blend of vital social marketing knowledge and seriously hilarious jokes. He taught us that creativity is just the blending of two things that normally wouldn’t go together (the weird marriage of ideas) like Hillary Clinton + a pen (shoutout to Jay Kamhi!). He also strongly encourages creating at least 90 Facebook ads per product minimum. Best quote?

“If you want to guarantee long-term customer loyalty, go for the heart.”

Sean Vosler

Sean Vosler - Summit

Sean Vosler has worked behind the scenes of some of the largest internet marketing launches in the last few years. With over $19 million in revenue generated through funnels he’s helped develop and build, Sean has worked to build a wealth of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work online. He is also the instructor of course Online Jumpstart. Sean taught us all the importance of appealing to peoples’ passions, as passion inspires trust and attracts influencers.

“The six most powerful words in marketing are, ‘Let me tell you a story.'”

Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman - Summit

Jason Hartman was the final speaker at the event, and he taught about the power of using real estate investing as a way to create wealth beyond your business. Jason Hartman is a real estate guru and the instructor of course Amazing Real Estate Investing. He encouraged the entrepreneurs to diversify their income stream with the option of real estate investing. He also pumped everyone up by stating:

“What time is it? It’s an AMAZING time to be alive!”

We absolutely agree, Jason. And the Summit was an amazing time as well! We thoroughly enjoyed it (and I loved live tweeting the event)! Did you attend or watch the Summit? If so, who was your favorite speaker or what was your favorite takeaway?


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  • Diane Greenwood says:

    Thanks Melissa
    Your post inspired me to not miss the next live event. Thanks for capturing the speakers messages and their thoughts.

    • Melissa Pont says:

      It’s definitely a can’t-miss event, and I hope to see you at the next one! Thank you Diane!

  • Juliana Paparizou says:

    Thanks for keeping the excitment of the event with us!
    It was the first summit I attended, and I intend to attend every single one.
    Do you know when we’ll have access to the material from the summit?
    Once again, Thanks a lot!

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