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Increase Amazon traffic and conversions with our latest SellerPro Membership course. [LIMITED TIME OFFER – GET 50% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH, RISK-FREE NOW] Watch as Jason Katzenback, co-founder and CEO of, shares an overview of how the Ziglers doubled their traffic and increased Amazon sales by more than 40% within three months. teamed up with Ziglers—Amazing Selling Machine members,  successful Amazon Sellers, and now SellerPro Membership course instructors—to offer a brand new course that gives you step-by-step instruction on how to increase your Amazon traffic.

In the new SellerPro Membership course—The Zigler Method: Increasing Traffic and Ranking on Amazon and Google Simultaneously— Travis and Jenna Zigler show you the exact steps to take to increase traffic to your Amazon listing. The steps of the course include creating hyper-targeted, keyword optimized content that links to your Amazon listing, publishing the content on your website, and driving traffic to the content using Google Adwords. Thanks to this method, the couple has doubled their web traffic and more than tripled their revenue.

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How They Discovered a Well of Traffic Outside of Amazon Full Video Transcript

Jason Katzenback:  In 2017, Jenna and Travis Zigler had grown their brand sales on Amazon to $75,000 per month, but they were struggling to figure out how to break through that ceiling. Then they developed a strategy that changed everything. They discovered an untapped well of traffic lying right outside of Amazon. Within three months, they doubled their traffic and increased their sales on Amazon by over 40%.

Brief Overview of This Powerful Strategy

Hi there, Jason Katzenback here, CEO and co-founder of If you’re interested in learning this powerful strategy that helped scale this couple’s business to four million per year in sales in only three short years, then stay with me as I give you a brief overview of their strategy. It’s a very powerful strategy that they have perfected, and their results speak for themselves.

Create High Value, Hyper Targeted Content

First of all, start by creating a high value, hyper targeted article and publish that article on your own website. You then optimize the article to rank on Google, then link to your Amazon product from that article to rank for your target keyword on Amazon.

Using Google Search Ads

Next you use targeted Google search ads to drive traffic to that article, and then watch as your Google rankings, your Amazon rankings, and your traffic start to climb, resulting in more sales.

When they told us what they were doing, we knew we had to convince them to share this with our students.

So we partnered with them to create a brand new course.

Brand New POWERFUL Course

You get every detail of the strategy, so you can easily follow along and implement it step by step.

Watch as you start capturing Google rankings for your target key words, then the magic happens. Your Amazon rankings improve, your traffic starts to grow, then your Amazon sales increase.

This course is included in the SellerPro membership by Amazing.

SellerPro Membership

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Each course is taught by a proven Amazon seller. You’ll save time knowing you’re following strategies that work. You’ll also get full access to standard operating procedures to scale your business fast. You know you need systems and processes but don’t want to spend the time to create them, well we’ve done it for you. Use this special membership feature to improve your operations immediately.

Special Bonus to MAXIMIZE Results!

Last of all, as a special bonus to ensure that you get the most out of this strategy, we also have a roadmap that will lay out all the next steps for you to follow to ensure you maximize your results.

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