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How To Rank On Amazon: 2 Steps You Need To Take (Right Now)

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I want to teach you one of the fastest most powerful ways to launch your product on Amazon: how to rank on Amazon. Over the years there’s been a lot of different ways people have launched their products when selling on Amazon. They’ve pre-sold products by building a ton of hype and a Facebook group. They’ve launched products by giving it away for practically free, and they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on celebrity endorsements.

Today I’m going to tell you about my favorite strategy that takes advantage of Amazon the fastest growing part of their own business. This strategy will teach you how to rank on Amazon. Amazon advertising Amazon made almost 10 billion dollars just from their advertising services last year. That’s a ninety-five percent increase over the previous year and shows just how fast they’re growing and how powerful their advertising services have become.

Two Steps for How to Rank on Amazon:

Step 1: Use Amazon Sponsor for your products

If you’re a seller on Amazon, you need to be using their main advertising product. Amazon sponsor products to be successful. Now the reason I say this is not only to make sales directly from those types of ads but to also get a little known but huge side benefit of increased organic search rankings. If you have a well-optimized product listing and you target the most valuable keywords for it, then you’ll not only make sales from your advertising, but you’ll also move up in the search rankings for your product which is the number one way customers look for products on Amazon. Using these ads alone will help you launch your product and get immediate sales.

Step 2: Use Amazon digital coupons

The second component is using another little know marketing tool that also comes from Amazon, and it’s called Amazon digital coupons.

These coupons dramatically increase conversion rates, which is a way of measuring how many people who visit your page end up buying your product. When I watch a new product, I always create a great digital coupon anywhere from 25 to 50 percent off. And if you pick the right product with the right profit margin, you should still be able to break even or even make a profit with these discounts.

Coupons combined with Amazon sponsor product ads will get you even more sales and more organic ranking increases for your product, which has a snowball effect and helps continue the cycle of your product and bottom line. Growing and growing these two important tools Amazon sponsor products Amazon digital coupons are my current most powerful strategy for launching new products and turning them into top sellers on Amazon.

Now there are lots of other things you can do as well to make sure it’s successful such as finding the perfect product. Choosing the right supplier and creating a perfectly optimized product listing and we’ve included all that and more in a completely free training series that you can get at It’s completely free, and you can get immediate access by heading there and signing up.


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