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How I Created a $200K App Business While Traveling the World



When my best friend invited me to travel with him for 12 months from Vancouver to Antarctica, it was impossible to turn down the opportunity.

As I boarded that first flight out of London, I had no idea that aside from visiting 14 countries that year, I would also be creating a new app business that was going to generate $200,000 in sales.

?I have an idea for an app? is a phrase many of us have thought or even told others. My idea came after speaking to a friend who was selling paleo diet recipe books on Amazon. He told me how well his books were selling and I immediately thought, ?This would make a great app!?

Even though I had no coding experience and a very limited budget, I put together a project brief, hired a developer, and got to work on an app that would become Caveman Feast.

I watched in awe from my bed in our Airbnb apartment in Medellín, Colombia, as the app skyrocketed up the charts on its first day and became the number one app in the Food and Drink category. Just as I was ready to pop open the champagne and celebrate, the app kept climbing until it eventually became the number six paid app for the entire App Store!

I remember staring at my screen in disbelief. I got a flood of supportive comments from my friends and family as I excitedly shared a screenshot of Caveman Feast’s position in the charts.

I distinctly remember my friend saying with typical British sarcasm, ?Shame you didn?t get into the top five!”

The app was a huge and immediate success, bringing in close to $10,000 the first day.

I knew I was onto something great, so I decided to build a second app. This one contained gluten-free desserts. Within a few months I launched my new app, but it didn?t perform as well as Caveman Feast had.

However, it still became a number one Food and Drink app, and I made back all the money I spent on development within a week. So I learned some lessons and made some tweaks. A few months later I launched a third app, which again rocked the charts.

Since then, I?ve launched seven new apps and created a business where I get to work on projects that I want to work on ? from any location in the world where I can get a wifi connection.

Now, for the first time, I?d like to share with you everything I?ve learned about what it takes to create and launch a successful app.

To kick things off, I?d like you to watch this video series sharing tactics I?ve used to repeatedly succeed in the App Store. It?s going to be a lot of fun ? and you?re going to learn how you can build an app business from scratch!

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