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How an Amazing Selling Machine Student Started a Business While Working Full Time

By June 4, 2015 March 16th, 2020 5 Comments

How an Amazing Selling Machine Student Started His Business While Working Full Time

Jan Flores, an Amazing Selling Machine student, shared that he was making $50K a month in his Amazon business – only 14 weeks after his product went live! This caught our attention. But what he posted next is really what stopped us in our tracks.

?My previous business was a construction business. I decided to go all in and sold my truck and tools and just tried this full time. The risk worked out. Now you don’t have to do the same, but that’s my story. If a construction worker can learn this Internet stuff, anyone can do it.?

We reached out to Jan for an interview and he graciously said yes. Here is his story about how he grew his Amazon business while working 12-hour days in the construction industry.

What was your background before ASM? How did you hear about us, and why did you decide to take the plunge and join?

Jan: I had a countertop company doing granite and marble. I’d been doing that for about four years.

My sister’s boyfriend took ASM 2.  I go to the gym with him quite often, so every week, he would tell me about what was happening with his business and I?d see it’s growing. By the end of year one, he grew to a million dollar company.  ASM 3 came around, but I didn’t take it. I didn’t think I would be interested in working on a computer because I’m a trade guy. By the time ASM 4 came around, I just decided, “You know what, he’s making so much money that it’s worth a shot.”

I took ASM 4. I found my product and I started. I found a supplier, and then I decided I should do this full time. I had a six-week vacation in place, so I decided I’d do that and then when I came back from my vacation, I would go just full blast, and just stop doing construction. So pretty much that’s what happened. When I went to full time, I started seeing results very fast because I was putting a lot of time into it.

You mentioned that you were hesitant to start an online business. Do you still find yourself struggling with the idea of running an online business, rather than a trade like you had done in the past?

Jan: No, that was just one of the major issues in the beginning. It was that I was used to working with my hands and sitting still was very hard for me. I would be working for fifteen minutes, and then taking a 30-minute break, and kind of going from there. I would say it took a month or so, but I gradually got used to it.  That was one of the biggest issues.

What has been the biggest hurdle in starting your business?

Being busy with other stuff and having to commit. And fear of doing something new…that’s probably why it took me a lot longer in the beginning to start. I’m an all-in kind of guy, so once I decided I was like, “You know what, let’s just go for it.”

How long did it take you to get your first product live?

This was very part-time because I was working 12-hour days in construction. I would say it took about two months, because I was doing it very on and off. I’d get a little motivated, and then I’d get so busy with my other stuff that I’d just completely stop. It was at the end of January where I decided, “You know what, if I have to fall back on something, I could always go back to my previous profession.”  That?s when I just decided to try this full time.

It took 14 weeks from your product going live on Amazon for you to earn your 50K badge. How did you grow your business so quickly?

At the beginning of January, my inventory arrived at Amazon. It was the live event that changed my mind of going all-in with this. I learned a lot about the launch process. I decided I’ve got to just try one of these processes and it seemed to pick up momentum.

So I asked myself, ?What can I do better??

Then I just started asking around like, “Hey, is there anything else I could improve on?”

Someone advised me to “just change things up and test it. Change the title and test it. Change the product description and see what happens.” That’s pretty much what made the huge boom: I just kept switching things up until sales were rising and conversion rates rose.

What are your upcoming goals for your business?

I focused on the live event coverage on goal setting and used that outline to make a goal.  My goal is that by next June to hit $2.5 million if I can.  It?s about a year from now, so I?ll push myself to learn this and see what happens.

Last, but not least, can you talk a little bit about what ?following the course? means to you?

Jan: When I say follow the course, I mean stick to the basics. In the course it says test and tweak your pages, but people don’t hear that or they don’t understand that. That’s probably a big thing, because there’s so much to learn in the beginning.  I even just breezed through ASM 5.  I was just looking through it and I thought, “Wow, I didn’t even know this was in the course.” I had totally forgotten. This is just something I do now. So in the beginning, most people are overwhelmed, so they don’t really pay attention. They’re not looking at the nuggets that ASM is leaving you.

Jan Flores is the perfect example of an entrepreneur who didn’t have to give up their day job to start a business. Starting a business while working full time is in fact possible! He saw success while moonlighting, and decided to go all in. It was after that when he truly started seeing the success he has today. He is an inspiration to anyone looking to get started on their own business without risking losing the job they have.

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