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How a Movie Theater Attendant Became a World Travel Mogul

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Want to know how Conner and other “appreneurs” built businesses that allow them to travel the world?

Be among the first to find out how they did it and how you can too.

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One year ago, 20-year-old Conner Hogan was switching projector reels at a local movie theater.

Like most people with the entrepreneurial spirit, he did what he could to stay focused, but knew deep down that there was something bigger in store for him.

Beyond the work, he knew that there was a life out there…just waiting for him.

Between monotonous shifts and after long days of work, Conner found himself reading books and articles all about mobile apps. Between blogs, online articles, and the landmark app-business book App Empire, he soaked it up.

An Appreneur Is Born

app business

Apps, Conner realized, held something no other business could offer ? digital-driven freedom.

No overhead. No inventory problems. No customer service.

A truly liberated life. Quite the change of pace from the movie biz 🙂

Conner became a student of one of the popular app business models: Take an app template (i.e. a “framework” to start from) and make it your own.

He realized how cost effective this could be and how it would allow him to really focus on marketing as opposed to development. He was definitely not a programmer, yet he knew there was something there.

Then, he simply followed the idea-producing system I taught you in a previous blog post. The rest is history.

In a recent phone call, Conner and I did a friendly catch up on Skype. He told me how he followed the exact system we had been talking about for months, waiting for the right opportunity to make his move.

When he finally did, he purchased a popular template, made some modifications, and BAM…published!

He made his money back in only five days.

He quit his job 90 days later and has been publishing profitable mobile apps ever since.

Building a Lifestyle Business

app business

With this shift came a newfound lifestyle. Conner traveled around Europe for a few months to run his mobile app business, soaking up culture and late-morning espressos as he breezed through revenue reports.

As of December 2015, Conner’s monthly income had significantly changed from his movie-theater gig just one year prior. The increase wasn’t 2x. Or even 5x.

It was 10x.

One year. 10x the money.

100x the freedom.

Conner is now traveling the world (again) to set up new companies and really scale his business.

app business

There is no ceiling to his potential. He has the money, the freedom, and the drive…all from the app business.

I couldn’t be happier to see this happen.

The System Behind the Success Stories

Stories like Conner’s are not “flukes.”

App Empire founder Chad Mureta and I both get hundreds of emails from people telling us how they went from knowing NOTHING about apps to publishing something that can truly change their life.

From having a job that sucked their energy to a lifestyle that FILLED them with energy.

The common theme? They all followed the system.

When the App Empire online course was launched a few years back, it was built on sound principles that drove enormous results.

But now, with thousands more people to learn from, we’ve been able to turn all the successful pieces of the program into a repeatable winning system.

I’m writing this blog post as I sit on a beach in Kaua’i, Hawaii watching the sun come up. I feel grateful and relaxed, thinking about the thousands of success stories that will happen in the next year.

The anticipation is electrifying.

There’s an empty seat to my right. Are you going to join me?
Stay tuned for something special.

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