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How to Hack Your Customer’s Brain (For Free) to Get More Likes, Leads, Sales & Loyalty

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Brian Carter - How to Hack Your Customer's Brain (For Free)

Imagine this scenario.

What if you were suddenly able to grab and hold your customer’s attention– no matter what else was going on around them?

What if you were suddenly able to create raving fans… who went crazy for everything you offered them?

What if you could easily turn all of your one-time customers into long-term loyal customers?

Sound like a stretch?

I used to think so too… Until it happened to me.

In the past few years, by hacking my customers’ brains, I’ve done over a million dollars in keynote speaking and consulting work.

I?ve also used the exact same system I?m about to show you on my clients’ campaigns to:

  1. Grab attention and grow fans
  2. Get lots of post likes and viral shares
  3. Generate super low-cost high-quality leads
  4. Get profitable sales
  5. Create magnetic loyalty

Some specifics about what this system can do:

  • We’ve helped multiple companies including Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s and Universal Studios grow millions of fans, at costs that are from 50-90% more affordable than industry standards.
  • One of our thousands of Facebook posts got 6 engagements per penny spent on post promotion ads, 86,000 likes and 35,000 shares from 424,000 people for under $200 total spend.
  • A lead campaign got leads for $0.11 each. Several others as low as $0.46 and $1.02 each.
  • A client for whom we spent $6,500 in FB ads received $144,000 in pizza delivery orders, which is a 2,200% ROI.

Clients have trusted us to manage and optimize millions of dollars in ad spend.

I’ve also used this system to become one of the world?s most sought after and highest paid social media keynote speakers and consultants.

The thing that really rocketed me and my clients forward is Facebook Audience Resonance.

So, everybody knows that Facebook can be a big deal, right? If you use it right. And in order to do it right, you need to follow a proven formula.

In fact, if you?re using Facebook now …and you?re not getting the results you want:

  • It probably has nothing to do with how well you run your business.
  • It has nothing to do with how great your products or services are.
  • It’s not about how much money your customers have.

Because at the end of the day, it?s not just about what you say… or just who you say it to.

…It?s about saying exciting things to the right people. It’s the combination! You need all three of the following:

  • Great targeting via ads
  • Great messages (posts, videos and ads) that
  • EXCITE those target customers…

That’s how you create Audience Resonance on Facebook.

And there?s a FORMULA for ?finding exciting things to say to the right people.?

Here it is…

Step 1: Discover What Your Customers Love.

Your prospects are bombarded with distractions more than ever before.

“Three seconds to live”: In the first three seconds they see your post or ad, you have to grab their attention… And also in those three seconds, you have to ?sell? them on reading your copy or watching the rest of your video.

A great way to arrest their attention is to show them something that’s EXTREME & emotion provoking.

Like what? Like babies, bacon, cute animals, weird situations, nightmare situations and dream outcomes.

Stand out and create an emotional response!


Because people’s brains on Facebook want diversion.

And what do all the things we love to do for diversion have in common?

Emotion! For example:

  • A new love affair or a romance novel creates feelings of love
  • Reality TV and movies that are full of conflict create anxiety
  • Extreme sports and horror movies create fear

People keep going back for those feelings over and over.

People are bored. They want to feel. Feeling is life.

And if you can get them to feel, you own their attention. Why?

It?s pretty much impossible for the brain to ignore emotions, and…

This sets you up for part two of the formula:

Step 2: Connect What They Love to Your Message

So your content provoked emotion. What’s the point?

Well, they also need (and want) to benefit from your post, ad or video. You need to take the energy you created from the emotion and direct it toward their goals and dreams.

The trick is to have an image and a message that is about THEM.

Simple Tips…

Talk more about their desired outcome than your ?stuff?.

Your post, ad or video should ultimately be about them and their DREAMS.

We are all basically trying to move away from pleasure toward pain. Away from nightmares toward dreams.

Emotion creates movement. The word EMOTION contains the word MOTION.

And with what you’re selling, you want to move them toward their solution and dreams anyway, right?

  • Hates, fears, fear of loss, problems, and obstacle push them toward their goals and dreams.
  • Likes, loves, aspirations, benefits and anticipation of gain also move them toward their goals and dreams.
  • If your offering also moves that same direction, they’re more likely to buy it.

On Facebook we have incredible tools for finding out customer groups’ specific likes and loves:

  1. Facebook Audience Insights
  2. Facebook posts
  3. Facebook Advertising

Facebook Audience Insights is a free tool inside the Facebook ad manager.

With Facebook Audience Insights, you can study any group of people…

  • SELECT: You can select people by their likes, or you could upload an email list of your buyers, or many other targeting options.
  • DISCOVER: Once you select them, you can find out what else they like, their most common personas, how much money they have, what devices they prefer, and over 20 other types of data.
  • CREATE: All of that is info you can use to choose the right images and create messages about their dreams.

Facebook posts and ads allow you to test out various images and messages to specific customer groups and see

  • which things they like,
  • which things they love and
  • which things they don’t respond to at all.

That feedback helps you confirm what you discovered in Facebook Audience Insights.

Just for reference, you should check your posts’ engagement rates in Facebook Insights, and try to get 5% or higher. 1% is a basic baseline, but not enough to get the kinds of results we’re talking about here. 8-10% is the goal if you want awesome results.

Now you have the keys to their emotions, and you can use them to create raving fans and loyal customers.

Then when you advertise, remind them of

  • how they fear their nightmare, and
  • the love they feel about the things in their dream.

Make their dream visual. Images are powerful and on Facebook they are one of the biggest determinants of success or failure. Show them a picture of their dream.

This is what people go crazy for. They click at a high rate, and Facebook rewards you for finding their passion by giving you ad costs.

As Zuck said, “Our goal is to reach a point where ads are as relevant and timely as the content your friends share with you.”

Zuck is financially rewarding relevance.

“Relevance” is a boring word for what I’m talking about… the most relevant things are people’s likes passions, dreams- and escaping their pain and their nightmare.

Now… tell them how you’re going to get them there: How does your product or service take them from point A (pain) to point B (pleasure)?

That?s the payoff for your future customer.

That means it’s time for…

Step 3: Call To Action

Every Facebook post or video or ad should have a purpose, to:

  • Get a sale
  • Pre-sell an affiliate offer
  • Create anticipation for a launch
  • Get a lead (opt-in)
  • Get likes, comments and shares

Whatever you want them to do, ASK FOR IT!

Give them both:

  1. A beneficial reason WHY: how does your offering tie into what they love? Go back to their hates, fears, likes, loves and aspirations to create this reason.
    – and –
  2. A good reason WHY NOW: scarcity and/or urgency are indispensable in your search for gigantic online profits.

This 3-step formula (Love – Connected Message – Call to Action) has helped me generate millions of dollars in sales, tens of thousands of leads and tens of millions of likes, comments and shares.

And integrating these things into our consultancy helps me create client loyalty as well. One of our biggest problems our consultancy has right now expanding, because we’re not just getting customers, we’re keeping them long-term.


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