Grow Your Amazon Business by Learning Sponsored Ad Shortcuts

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If you want to save time and money, you need to learn sponsored ad shortcuts for Amazon.

In the latest Amazing SellerPro training course, Sponsored Ad Shortcuts: How to Use the ManageByStats Ad Manager to Save Time and Make More Money with Your Ads, you will learn how to make the most of the tools available on ManageByStats (MBS) Ad Manager – saving both time and money by cutting down on ad waste. 

Instructed by Amazon Expert Shane Oglow, attendees will walk away from this course knowing MBS Tool layout and capabilities, the difference between the MBS Advertising Tool and the Seller Central Tool, how to improve use of keywords, and cut down on Ad waste.

Learn sponsored ad shortcuts for Amazon in this new SellerPro course.

This course, all about how you will learn sponsored ad shortcuts for Amazon, is for anyone who has had difficulty understanding Amazon Pay Per Clicks and struggles to choose the best avenue to optimize advertising campaigns. In this course, Shane Oglow guides sellers on how to use the ManageByStats Advertising Tool on Amazon to boost your confidence, understand your data, and save time, and money. 

Amazon Expert Shane Oglow

Prior to his success on Amazon, Shane Oglow found himself dissatisfied with his career in finance. Looking for a change of pace, he began selling on Amazon in 2013. His consistent and strategic effort brought him seven figure success within two years. He was invited to become a mentor for the students of Amazing Selling Machine and has since become an instructor. He continues to enjoy sharing his expertise to help thousands of Amazon sellers build successful businesses of their own.

MBS Ad Manager to Save Time and Make More Money with Your Ads

If you are familiar with Amazon Seller Central Tool, you will immediately recognize the benefits of the features in the MBS Tool. The MBS Advertising Tool is indispensable for Amazon sellers due to its clever shortcuts, workflow features, and automation abilities.

Using the MBS Advertising Tool, we’ll walk through several scenarios on how to identify the most poorly performing and wasteful keywords, and then take quick action to correct it. Additionally, we’ll review how to identify and optimize the best performing keywords. These skills will help your campaigns run closer to your ideal ad spend – saving you money and getting that much closer to your target audience.

At the completion of the course, sellers will have learned all the features needed to potentially decrease wasteful spending from advertising campaigns. In addition, students will have a real-world, easy to apply procedure that can be used on a regular basis to enhance Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns.

Amazing SellerPro

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