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An Entrepreneur's Holiday Wishlist

By December 16, 2015 No Comments

entrepreneur's holiday

Holiday shopping for your entrepreneur friend or family member?

We have curated the perfect holiday wishlist for the entrepreneur from eight entrepreneurs themselves:

1. Subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur's Holiday

“It’s just a great magazine that I think every entrepreneur should read regularly.” – Shawn Fludd, founder of Bear & Boo Children’s Boutique

2. Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset

Entrepreneur's Holiday

“The ‘official’ reason this is on my list is because as a tech entrepreneur I need to keep in touch with innovation in the industry, but ‘unofficially’, it just sounds like a great toy :-)” – Simon Papineau from

3. Sun Lamp

Entrepreneur's Holiday

“As an entrepreneur, I spend ungodly amounts of time in my office and spend very little time outside. 20 minutes of using this gives you most of the health benefits of being outside for four hours, without the UV rays. It also makes you feel better and happier so you don’t get that melancholy cooped up inside feel.” – Edward Sturm from

4. Pandora One Subscription

Entrepreneur's Holiday

“So I can listen while working!” – Kelsey Jones, founder of Moxie Dot

5. iPhone Tripod

Entrepreneur's Holiday

“I started interacting with my personal social media following on a more personal level lately. This includes short Twitter videos and a higher level of personal interaction. I would love to show them what a day in my life looks like but can never seem to find a good spot to leave my phone. This would be perfect.” – Jonathan Farah, CMO of Encrypted Labs, Inc.

6. Professional Laptop Case

entrepreneur's holiday

“Every entrepreneur needs a professional looking laptop carrying case. It needs to be stylish, professional, and functional all at the same time.” – Grayson Ervin, Founder of CigarsFor.Me

7. iPad Pro

Entrepreneur's Holiday

“As an advertising agency, I have to keep my presentations and graphics on hand for client meeting. The huge screen is perfect for displaying our work!” – Chris Bolivar, President and Owner of FREE Advertising

8. Carry-on Travel Bag

Entrepreneur's Holiday

“As an entrepreneur who lives a minimalistic lifestyle on the road, my bag is one of my most prized possessions. I’ve had a North Face backpack since my freshman year of college. Though great, it has some major shortcomings when it comes to living from the road. I’ve been lucky enough to play around with an early prototype of the Minaal Daily bag, and I’m in love. The bag is smaller but somehow holds and organizes way more *stuff *than my North Face. I can’t wait to get my new bag this spring.” – Dan Fries, founder of Winbound

We hope this post gives you some neat gift ideas for the holidays. Tell us in the comments what’s on YOUR wishlist!

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