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Day 5 – Amazon Listing Optimization Tutorial

By December 17, 2017 March 16th, 2020 No Comments

I’m bringing you your 5th gift in our series 12 Days of Christmas, an Amazon Listing Optimization Tutorial.

The easiest way to get more sales is to invest money in ads and bring more people to see your products.

And while I encourage you to invest money into ads (both on Amazon and outside of it), I also encourage you to try to max out the results you get from your current resources, and current efforts.

For example, I encourage you to get as many conversions as possible with the traffic you already get, by OPTIMIZING your Amazon listings.


Well, that’s exactly what Instructor Karyn Thomas, co-owner of multiple successful online brands, and THE expert in Amazon listing optimization is going to show you.

She’s going to show you a small, yet very powerful tweak for your listing that can significantly boost your conversion rates, and your sales.

Go check it out at

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