Complete Guide to YouTube Success in 2020

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Grow your YouTube channel with Amazing SellerPro

In a NEW Amazing SellerPro course,”2019 YouTube Masterclass – Complete Guide to YouTube Success”, Shawn Malkou shows how anyone from established businesses to independent creators can create a successful YouTube following in 2019. This course explains YouTube basics, how to create high-quality content, how to act on analytics, and where to implement SEO. Shawn leaves no stone unturned on how to maximize success on YouTube during this six and a half hour course. You don’t want to miss this – learn how to grow your YouTube channel to maximize your Amazon sales

Why Shawn Malkou can teach you how to grow your YouTube channel

Shawn Malkou is a content creator with over 300,000 YouTube subscribers. He has been managing and working with a variety of channels since 2011. In his time, he’s created and led three different businesses that generate over six-figures. Shawn cares deeply about inspiring and supporting others in developing their own technology and educational media. He believes that with the right steps taken, YouTube can be a long term, well-paying career choice.

Who can benefit from this course?

This course is for anyone who is currently managing or interested in creating a YouTube channel. The course goes into detail on designing channel strategy, setting goals, using compelling thumbnails, and how to gain an audience. It also explores how to make the most of more advanced features, such as YouTube Red, YouTube TV, and advanced networking techniques.

Gaining YouTube Success: A Masterclass for 2019

The course begins by reviewing some basics, such as exploring your potential audience, branding strategy, and setting general goals for your channel. It then dives deeper into each element of YouTube. This includes the homepage, trends, subscription boxes, YouTube Red and YouTube TV.

Once that is outlined, Shawn explains the main techniques for delivering consistent, high-quality content. Here he gets into the details on video length, making a channel trailer, designing thumbnails, and accumulating views. Then, Shawn discusses the Creator Studio, which is where YouTubers can manage their channel, organize videos, and interact with fans. Lastly he combs your channel with a fine tooth comb by identifying strategies on viewer interaction, collaboration, scheduling videos and creating an effective end screen. Now that the content is up to standard, he ends with techniques on using analytics to know who your audience is, what they like, and how well you’re actually reaching them.

The course emphasizes 2019 due to the fact that YouTube’s algorithms are always changing – sometimes even from month to month. To ensure attendees get the most out of his course, Shawn will be continuously updating and adding more content to this course as the year goes on.

Amazing SellerPro

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