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Hello members! Some of you may be very familiar with the Business Booster videos that the Amazing Profit Monthly has been bringing you on a monthly basis. For those of you who are not, these short videos are packed with tips, tricks, and other strategies that many notable entrepreneurs and business experts have exclusively shared with the community. We are excited to announce that there is plenty more of these videos coming your way.

Instead of just one video, there will be a collection of these fast but easy to digest videos available for you in the membership starting next month in April! And by a collection of videos, we mean up to ten videos all brought to you by different experts. For the first set of videos, members can expect topics ranging from important Google Adwords all the way to how to use different tactics to send traffic to your Amazon listing. Expect to be introduced to people like mobile app expert Simon Crack, and retail experts Andy and Eddie Robertson.

In the last month, the Amazing Profit Media team has been meeting up with these individuals to interview and film, even going all the way to the UK.

“We decided we wanted to offer the strategies and tips that so many members loved in our magazine, in a format that is better for entrepreneurs. Our members are always busy and sometimes only have a few minutes to digest information,” said Shannon Gonzenbach, the Managing Editor of the team. She added, “You can listen and watch these videos while on the go, and the content is still awesome!”

Members can look out for the new set of videos on the first Thursday of April. In the meantime, check out some of the behind-the-scenes below!

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