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Running 2X 8-Figure Businesses

By Tips & Tricks

I have two main companies that I’m involved in, one is, and the other one is an e-commerce business. So I want to let you know what it’s actually like running these kinds of businesses. I want to let you know a couple of key things check this out!

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How to Use Low Cost Acquisitions to Scale Your Amazon Business

By Selling on Amazon, Tips & Tricks

The most overlooked way to scale your business is to acquire another one for little or no money down. It’s so simple, so lucrative, yet rarely done. Shakil Prasla, who has acquired 15 e-commerce stores, explains: why acquiring Amazon businesses is your best money spent, how to increase your cashflow overnight leveraging your new aquisition, and how to capitalize on your unique skillset to grow the overall value and profits in your business.

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Grow Your Amazon FBA Business in 2020 By Reassessing Your Data

By Selling on Amazon, Tips & Tricks

If your planning or you had this launch plan for 2020 and you had sort of I don’t know, five, ten skews on there that your planning to launch over the next 12 months. This doesn’t mean that you can’t do that. Yes, the economy is gonna take a bit of a downturn. Yes, there’s gonna be some turbulence. But in a downturn there’s always opportunity and there will be products doing very well as I’m sure we’re about to find out.

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