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Peter & Adina’s Secrets To Success (and 70k in monthly revenue)

By Student Stories

Peter and Adina joined in October 2014 from Romania. They began their Amazon business speaking English only as their second language. With little money (they took out a large loan to start their business), one salary, and two young children, Peter & Adina had their work cut out for them.  While they had many fears and challenges to face, they were determined to be successful. Now, less than two years later, they are a true inspiration. In this interview, Peter & Adina explain how they’ve approached their Amazon business and how they define success. In less than two years, they’ve traveled the world to meet successful entrepreneurs, sent their oldest child to private school, and reached the 70k mark in monthly revenue for their business.  

Interested in how this determined couple did it? Here are the 3 key secrets to their success…

1. Surround yourself with successful people.

Peter & Adina have traveled the world meeting entrepreneurs and investing in themselves to grow their business.  They strongly believe that surrounding yourself with successful people is the shortest way to success – not only to learn from them, but also for motivation.

Peter: My advice is to stay close to successful people because it’s the shortest path to success.

Adina: The most important thing is attitude and faith.  This is important in success. People don’t believe that they can also be successful.  So we tell people that if you can’t believe, surround yourself with other successful people, so that you can believe it’s possible.

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Paul & Rachelle: Lessons Learned on Our Amazon Journey to 25k

By Student Stories

At, we work with thousands of entrepreneurs on a daily basis.  Paul & Rachelle, a husband and wife duo, are two of them.  They began their journey with and with Amazon in April of 2015.  By May of 2016, their business was generating over 25k per month in revenue on Amazon.  While their journey has been a successful one, it has by no means been an easy one – they’ve been short on money, have run out of inventory, and have had unsuccessful products.  Paul, a serial entrepreneur, and Rachelle, a stay-at-home mom, have worked hard to build a sustainable, long-term business for their family, and have learned a lot along the way.  Here’s their story, and some of their lessons-learned:

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Angie’s Amazon Journey To 200k Monthly Revenue

By Student Stories

A member of Amazing Selling Machine, Angie Chacon began her journey with and Amazon in October 2014 (ASM 4).  She reached the 100k monthly revenue mark 1 year later (November 2015), and only months after that is on the verge of hitting the 250k mark on her Amazon business.  With no prior experience on Amazon, ecommerce, or marketing, Angie’s success is remarkable.  While her journey hasn’t always been an easy one (she got off to a rocky start), Angie has proven to us that she knows how to overcome any obstacle that heads her way.  Her story is an inspiring one for any entrepreneur. 

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Lynette Cano’s Amazing Selling Machine Story

By Student Stories

Lynette Cano's Amazing Selling Machine Story

Lynette Cano has an already successful (and cult-following fan base) pet product business after a very short period of time. She was kind enough to share her Amazing Selling Machine story with us, and even some of her secrets to success!

About my Amazon business

Sancho & Lola’s Closet is a Premium Pet Products brand sold online on Amazon and at select boutique pet shops, whose mission is to help abandoned Pointer and Pointer mixes find their forever homes. One day I will say our company helps ALL dogs. I will get there, but you have to start somewhere; I chose to start with Sancho and Lola?s Rescue here in Texas.

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