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Starting an Amazon Business

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Starting an Amazon business made sense for Kristy Verity after learning about the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) training course.  She felt stuck in her corporate job and decided to make a change. Through the teachings of ASM, Verity started her own business selling physical products on Amazon. Over the past four years, she has built her brand, launched multiple products, and sold millions of dollars…

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Sell Your Amazon Business!

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Learn how to sell your Amazon business from an expert: Brendan Morris. One way to be successful on Amazon is to create a successful business, sell it, start another business, and keep repeating the process. Brendan Morris, SellerCon attendee and Amazing Selling Machine member, shares his insight into this process and provides tips on how sellers can effectively build a successful Amazon business that people…

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Cash Flow Analysis for Amazon Sellers

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There are specific formulas Amazon sellers can use to complete a proper cash flow analysis. Free up your operating cash flow using the techniques Charity DeVries shares in this finance strategy training video. With this strategy, you will learn: How to compute your inventory turnover ratio. Important terms such as operating cash flow, inventory turnover ratio, days-in-inventory, year-end inventory, and inventory in-transit. Tips for quickly turning over inventory…

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How to Make Money Selling on Amazon

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Eric Toohey learned how to make money selling on Amazon through’s Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course. Here, he shares his success story while also providing advice on choosing products to sell that follow specific size and weight guidelines (to keep FBA fees down), trademarking your brand to combat brand hijackers, and leveraging the ASM community and mentors to help solve business problems as they…

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Best Amazon FBA Training Courses

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Want the absolute best course to learn how to sell on Amazon for beginners? Amazing Selling Machine is the best course for folks who want to launch their own brand of products on Amazon. Danna Belo got her start selling physical products on Amazon through’s internet-based course, the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM). ASM is an Amazon seller training program that shows sellers the step-by-step…

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