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Amazing Selling Machine Student Reviews How to Get the Lowest Product Prices and Access to New Products Before Your Competition [Join Us in China!]

By Amazing Selling Machine, Sourcing For Amazon

Amazing Selling Machine student, Athena Severi, reveals how to undercut your competition by working face-to-face with your suppliers. She goes on to explain how you can join her on the exclusive China Magic trip to gain mentorship and access to the world’s largest product sourcing fair. You’ll learn how to find a supplier in China so you can build your Amazon business.

Watch as Jason Katzenback, CEO and Co-Founder of, interviews Athena Severi. Here she shares expert tips and proven techniques for building face-to-face relationships with your supplier. Her tips can help you get the lowest product prices your supplier can offer and gain access to brand new products before they hit Amazon.


How to Source Products to Sell on Amazon

By Amazing Selling Machine, Sourcing For Amazon

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback discuss how to source products to sell on Amazon. This article and video will teach sellers the steps to follow in order to source a product from overseas, or to find a private label product supplier domestically, in the U.S.

How to Source Products to Sell on Amazon:

What are Private Label Products?
Is the Product I Want to Sell Better to Source from the U.S. or Elsewhere?

How to Buy from Alibaba and Sell on Amazon
How to Find Domestic U.S. Private Label Product Suppliers

Note About Choosing a Comparable Product
Amazon Product Supplier Relationship
“Buy for $4, Sell for $26.99: How to Source Any Product” Video Transcription 

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, co-founders of, Inc., joined forces live on Facebook to reveal how sellers can use the internet to find a supplier step-by-step for any product they want to sell on Amazon.

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Day 4 – Amazon Sourcing Strategy Tutorial

By Sourcing For Amazon

Another day, another gift for you Amazon Sellers!

Today’s gift is a real treat, its an Amazon Sourcing Strategy Tutorial.

You probably already know that Alibaba is the best place to find suppliers for Amazon FBA for your products.

But the entire process can be DAUNTING.

You need to search for products, and then contact each supplier individually to get a price quote. This can take hours.

But, there is a better way.

Our friend, amazing Amazon seller, entrepreneur, and Amazing Instructor, Mike McClary accidentally found a tool inside Alibaba that enables you to… and read this carefully…

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