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Amazon Brand Protection – Branded By Amazing EP #10

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Every year, Amazon releases an annual report on what they’ve been doing to protect their sellers brands. And this past spring, they released their news report for the last year. It’s called their brand protection report and highlighted all the attempts that have been made out there for fraudulent sellers, trying to get on their platform and sell products. I mean, it’s such a big potential revenue profit maker so it’s only natural that all these bad actors are trying to take advantage of the platform. Let’s dive into the best methods for Amazon brand protection.

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Cost of FBA Amazon – Branded by Amazing EP #1

By Podcast, Selling on Amazon

Today we’re going to talk about how much does it cost to start an e-commerce business on Amazon? So, first off I am Matt Clark. I am the CEO of I’ve been basically a full-time entrepreneur in e-commerce since 2009. Originally created the amazing selling machine program was the only person years ago. And, you know, we’ve been able to help tens of thousands of people.

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How Long Does it Take to Make 10k a Month on Amazon?

By Selling on Amazon

When we ask people interested in selling on Amazon how much they’d like to make in a year, a common answer is $10,000 per month. As you’d imagine, there are a wide range of answers from around $1,000 per month to $100,000 per month. $10,000 per month is the most common. I think this goal is popular because it’s a comfortable six-figure income for just about anyone. You can’t live lavishly, but you can live comfortably on $10,000 per month in income.

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