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How Long Does it Take to Make 10k a Month on Amazon?

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When we ask people interested in selling on Amazon how much they’d like to make in a year, a common answer is $10,000 per month. As you’d imagine, there are a wide range of answers from around $1,000 per month to $100,000 per month. $10,000 per month is the most common. I think this goal is popular because it’s a comfortable six-figure income for just about anyone. You can’t live lavishly, but you can live comfortably on $10,000 per month in income.

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Do Your Amazon Products Need to Relate?

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Do your Amazon products need to relate? Consider that most buyers of Amazon FBA businesses want to buy a single brand of products. They want a brand they can grow through adding more products and more marketing channels. If you want to build the most valuable business possible, here’s why focusing on building a single brand with related products works best.

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