Spy, Steal & Deploy | A Powerful Approach To Grow And Scale Your Business On Facebook

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Spy, Steal and Deploy. I was expecting when I put this name here, Spy, Steal and Deploy, that system to see more Amazon people come here and fill out the room. Spy and Steal, we all like that. There’s nothing shady, nothing illegal about this system. It’s a powerful creative first approach, that’s what I will talk about today is a powerful creative first approach for e-commerce brands to scale efficiently, maximize return on ad spend. That’s the ROAS, return on ad spend and scale on Facebook.

The three main points, I want to cover today is what’s new with Facebook? What’s changing, and how you can take advantage of it, how all of us can take advantage of it. And then why creative has become the main driver of performance on Facebook. It used to be targeting, now creative is becoming the king, and I’m going to talk about this. Then I’m going to show you a powerful system, which I call Spy, Steal, and Deploy. We use it all the time on how to crush your competitors and scale efficiently. This works best for e-commerce brands.

Over the last three, three and a half years, I’ve been privileged to work with some great brands, like multi-million, multi-billion dollar companies even. These brands are huge media buyers. Some were spending about 2 million a month on Facebook. I started from spending $100 on Facebook to go to and manage and spend about $2, $3 million a month on Facebook. That’s what we’ve been doing, but some of these are e-commerce brands, mobile gaming. That’s half of my portfolio. E-commerce brands another half of my portfolio, but also SAAS businesses, Amazon brands. If we zoom into the e-commerce part of the clients I worked with, they span over these categories: supplements, beauty, health and wellness, fashion, clothing, different categories.

Really what’s happening right now on Facebook is they’re simplifying the way ads run so that the idea is to level the game field between the huge media buyers people who are spending between $1 to $3 million a month and people who probably have a $1000 monthly budget to spend. Facebook is trying to level the game field for everyone so that it gets easy for people, for anyone to get there and be successful without having the skills and crazy strategies that everybody’s teaching. There’s $1000, $2000 coaches you use to buy to run ads successfully. Right now, Facebook is trying to simplify that, so it’s all good news.

Creative is right now the main driver of performance. Over the last 12 months, what has happened on Facebook is machine learning has drastically improved. The algorithms at Facebook have shifted towards; they’re getting more efficient. Right now, you can only drive 50 conversions, between 50 and 100 conversions to Facebook without even doing too much targeting, segmentation on placements, all kinds of crazy strategies.

The only thing, guys, you are in control, like all of us have control of is creative. Creative, the images, the videos, everything that we saw before that, this is what you have control of.

The second phase is my favorite. Here we get to analyze their creative. Steal. Who is familiar with this here? A lot of people know. That’s the ad library. Ad library was recently released by Facebook when they were in Congress about all the privacy issues. They provided this ad library, available for everyone. You don’t even have to be spending on Facebook to have access to this. You see the URL down below. The ad library gives transparency to everyone to get. You can type in Facebook page; if you know your competitor, you can type in their page there. It will look something like this.

Deploy. How to test creative, find your winners while preserving your budget. So if you don’t learn anything from a test, you have wasted money. If you don’t know how to test efficiently and learn, you have wasted money. This is the only way when you’re wasting money when you’re testing. If you test the right way and you don’t produce winners, you’re not wasting money, you learn. You fail. You learn that something is not working so now you have more chances to get the winner with your next round of testing.

You find the winner from this variation, and then you keep testing the text. You keep testing different text once you find that winner. Then you already have a solid creative that are performing great for you. You can scale it, and then you repeat the entire cycle. If this here was so fast at the end, you can find this entire training on seller pro. I have six courses over there. The sixth course is coming next month. So take a picture of that, seller pro. You can access this entire training there in much more detail. You can start rolling from there.

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Why Likable Facebook Ads Cost 10x Less and Increase Your Profits

Brian Carter - FB Ads (2)

Facebook lowers your ad price the more people LIKE it.

You get 10x the exposure and profits from likable ads compared to unlikable ads.

Why? Facebook charges you less for likable ads because they need to keep their users. They want people to like the Facebook experience. Unlikable ads could make users leave Facebook. But likable ads make Facebook a great experience for everybody.

Mark Zuckerberg said, “Our goal is to reach a point where ads are as relevant and timely as the content your friends share with you.?

He’s rewarding you for creating ads people like.

The price of the ad is inversely proportional to the click rate- this goes for all clicks and interactions on an ad or an advertised post. The more people interact with it, the more affordable and profitable it is.

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live video

In November 2015, I spoke at the Amazing.com Summit.

At the event, there were about two thousand attendees either actively selling Amazon products or new excited folks looking for solid strategies for building their brand new business at this event. 

So you might be wondering what I spoke about? Or maybe you?re not, considering I create little confusion as to what my passions are?and if that?s the case, you guessed it, I talked about Live Video.

Specifically Periscope.tv.  Because for the last few months I have loved this new live stream app for staying engaged with my existing community as well as growing a brand new community. 


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When I first started out I was getting about 20-30 leads a day from Periscope and now I get about 100-200 leads a day.

 The question is always HOW?

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