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Amazon Advertising Optimization: Lower Amazon Advertising Costs and Increase Profits

By Amazon Advertising Strategy

Gain a competitive advantage by lowering your Amazon Sponsored Ads costs while increasing profit: Cherie Yvette is a leading expert in Amazon advertising. She and Amazing teamed up to teach you Amazon advertising optimization and how to master Amazon Sponsored Ads. In the third video of the free four-part training series, Cherie provides her insider tips for winning advertising “showdowns” with total domination, her tiered bidding…

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How to Advertise Amazon Products

By Amazon Advertising Strategy

Generate Amazon Traffic – How to Advertise Amazon Products Mike McClary and Rich Henderson joined forces to teach sellers how to advertise amazon products linking to existing Amazon traffic for increased sales. In this training video, the duo share their knowledge on these Amazon advertising options: Digital Coupons, Sponsored Product Ads, Lightning Deals, Enhanced Brand Content, and Headline Search Ads.

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Day 9 – Amazon Sponsored Products Tutorial

By Amazon Advertising Strategy

Our Amazon sponsored products tutorial will show you exactly how Amazon Sponsored Product ads are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your product listings. That’s because you’re showing your products to people who already came to Amazon, most likely with the intention of buying. However, that doesn’t mean that every ad you run is going to be profitable. Some will. But some will…

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