7 Tips To Be A Success With Amazon FBA

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We’re going to reveal the seven biggest tips we feel will almost guarantee success with Amazon. Discover how to build a successful business with Amazon – FREE Training Series.

#1: You have to have some capital.

The lovely thing is with Amazon; you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands. I know plenty of people who started with 700 bucks or something. Now we recommend more, and I think our golden rule we like to use is to have two and a half times the amount of capital you need. So if you put your first inventory order in, let’s say it costs 500 bucks, you want to have two and a half times that amount of capital to account for any contingencies.

#2: You have to have time.

You have to spend a consistent amount, as much as possible. We recommend at least an hour a day if possible, but if you can’t do that, if you find every few days you can only fit in a couple of hours, that’s fine,

Also, you want to be focused during that time. Shut off all your distractions, shut off your phone, don’t be on Facebook, all those kind of things. Focus on growing your business during that time, because you will find the black hole of time happens, and if you only have an hour, it goes by quick, so make sure you’re focusing it as much as possible. Alright, number three.

#3: One product at a time.

It’s probably the best advice we can give, and we get that question all the time, because people are eager, and I get it, I get it. You want to ensure your greatest chance of success, but that is actually by doing one step at a time and one product at a time so that you do things properly. If you’re trying to do five products at the same time when you’re still learning the ropes, trying to figure out all the stuff there is to learn on Amazon; you’re probably going to do five products quite poorly, unfortunately.

#4: Make sure your product’s in demand, and don’t get sucked into following a passion.

Just because you’re really passionate about a product, you really think oh my goodness, this product is going to be the best seller in the world, if you go on Amazon and you see nobody else is even buying a product like that, you can’t find any products like that, don’t start with a product like that.

#5: Marketing.

We know Facebook ads and all these social media platforms, any advertising, is always evolving and changing, and you have to recognize that it’s going to be part of your life. In the old days, we could find products, throw them up on Amazon, and they would do well. Does that still happen? Sure, but it’s an anomaly, I wouldn’t expect that.

#6: Know your math.

I’m talking about knowing your profit, your return on investment, your inventory cost, your shipping cost, and learn to use spreadsheets. Learn to use just basic free ones, like Google Spreadsheet where you learn your math. So vital, the people that succeed on Amazon, they know their numbers.

#7: Mindset.

If you don’t have the right attitude, don’t expect good results. We’ve talked about this before. When we both started these businesses, we’re doing other things, and we’re just squeaking the time, but we had that right mindset. We knew we weren’t going to fail because we were going to put the right effort and the right attitude towards it, and you have to ignore what other people say.

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Amazon FBA: 3 Questions To Answer BEFORE Selling Multiple Products

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Should you focus on one product or try selling multiple projects on Amazon FBA? Discover how to build a successful business with Amazon – FREE Training Series.

We’re going to teach you exactly why focusing on more than one product at a time could be deadly for your business and the three questions you want to ask yourself to know if you can handle selling more than one product at a time.

#1: Are you a beginner, or are you an established seller?

Because if you’re a beginner, you know, your priority is to learn Amazon. There’s a lot of things that come when you’re learning the platform, you’re trying to understand how Amazon works, all the tools Amazon has, and you will find that it’s overwhelming at first. You start missing things and, you know, there’s a lot of terms of services with Amazon as well that you have to be on top of, so if you’re trying to learn this as a beginner, starting with more than one product? That’s a considerable risk.

You need to understand what it is you’re learning, and your priority is getting your product up and selling, and once you get it selling and start to get it established, well, then you get to another level.

It’s a relatively simple business model. Especially with Amazon FBA, they make things so much easier, they take a lot of the equation, versus in the old days, pre Amazon FBA, and you need to give yourself the time to learn these things and adjust and learn the ropes, and that’s why you start with one product, to learn the ropes. Once you start getting better then you can do all kinds of crazy stuff, but until then keep it simple.

#2: What are your budget and capital?

Because you don’t want to tie everything up, because then you have no room for marketing, and the other end of that is inventory, because what happens if you run out of inventory?

Bad things happen, your rankings plummet, and it’s harder to get back to where you were, so you lose traction, it’s like one step forward, two steps backward.

Another thing to think about too is if you’re brand new you’re going to do your best to estimate things like shipping. You’re going to do your best to estimate packaging and all those little things that go into making your listing, photos; you name it. So it’s best to give yourselves a little bit of padding.

#3: How much time do you truly have to focus on this?

Because time is money, time is a resource, you’ve got the money resource, and you’ve got the time resource. Some people have more time than money; some people have more money than time. Chances are if you’re starting this business, you’re probably someone that has a little bit of time, you’re probably working a job trying to get something going, you know, and we all did that.

I remember, what I used to have to do is I’d wait until my family was in bed and then I’d get back up out of bed and work a couple of hours. You try to get that time in there, and you need to be as focused during that time as possible. You want to make sure you shut off all distractions. And if you’re sitting there trying to manage multiple products while trying to learn the new platform, trying to set up marketing for different products, trying to do all of these things, and it’s divided over multiple products, you’re not going to be effective.

If you wanna learn more about selling on Amazon, we have an excellent course for you, free training at AmazingSellingMachine.com

Amazon Product Research: How To (EASILY) Find A Winning Product To Sell On Amazon

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Are you struggling to find a product to sell on Amazon? We’re here to help and will show you how to easily find a winning product to sell on Amazon.

We found this cup holder mount on Amazon in just a few minutes. And it sells about $76,000 a month right now. We want to show you how to find products like these so you can be successful selling on Amazon

The first step in Amazon Product Research is to jump over to Google and search Amazon Best Sellers. What you can do to start is start digging do these subcategories. And so we’ll click on one of these categories cell phone accessories, for example where we found this then we can go to accessories then car accessories and maybe we’ll stop there.

There are only five things you need to look for when you’re looking for a great product opportunity on Amazon.

#1: Price

The first one is the price we wanted to be somewhere between 17 and 70 dollars too low you won’t make enough money too much. It’ll cost too much in your first set of inventory.

#2: Best Sellers Rank

The second criteria then are the BSR or bestsellers rank. And that’s how well a product is selling on Amazon. The lower, the better it sells, the higher, the worse it sells. And we like that sweet spot of 400 to 6000 in BSR.

#3: Weight

The third criteria, then, would be the weight of the product. We recommend products are only five pounds or less.

#4: Reviews

The fourth criteria are going to be the number of reviews you find on a product. Our criteria are trying to look for products that have less than 1000 reviews.

#5: Build Your Brand

Then the fifth criteria is simply making sure that you can build a brand around this product. You can own the brand, and we call that private label potential.

As you can see here, multiple products meet these criteria — this one at the top. We’ve already pulled it up. But this one does about six hundred thousand dollars. And so when you look at a product like this, this is how we initially find opportunities, and this is how we found this one.

We teach people how to optimize our listing. You can check out some other videos on our YouTube channel that’ll show you more about that. These photos are not great. They have a lot of room for improvement. Their bullets aren’t that great. Their title could probably use some work. They have less than 400 reviews, but they’re crushing it.

This one sells for around twenty-nine or thirty dollars thirty-nine dollars. You might think that it’s going to really expensive to get going with this product that your inventory order is going to cost you a lot of money was Matt’s going to film right now the dollar investment to get going for even a product like this is very reasonable.

This is kind of product you could put your brand on then all of sudden you’re one of the products that are ranking over here you’re one of the products that are producing all these sales. And so that is how you tap into that opportunity on Amazon. You know they’re doing hundreds of billions of dollars a year now in revenue, and there are tens of thousands of products out there that you can go out there and sell in the U.S. and some of Amazon’s international platforms.

So this is the first few steps of this business finding a good opportunity than finding a supplier so you can create your brand, which is a critical part of this whole thing. Don’t go out there sell somebody else’s brand. That’s how I started in e-commerce and quickly got away from it fortunately and started selling my brands, and that’s the model Mike’s use to do very well and all the other people that we’ve taught so absolutely want to sell your brand.

This is one product that we found in a matter of a few minutes, and there are thousands of products you can find just as quickly as we did if you want to follow the same system that we’ve used to build our businesses here for sure.

Discover how to build a successful business with Amazon – FREE Training Series

How Much Money Do You REALLY Need To Start Selling On Amazon?

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There’s a huge misconception that it takes a lot of capital to start selling on Amazon. Discover how to build a successful business with Amazon – FREE Training Series.

How Much Money Do You Really Need To Start Selling On Amazon?

We have two products that we’re going to show you that can both be sourced for as little as $500, and they do crazy amounts of sales on Amazon.

One of the things that I love about Amazon is that it allows you to start wherever your budget is. Now, we never recommend starting with too big of a budget because when you’re just getting started, you want to reduce the amount of risk as possible. But you can get started with as little as only a few hundred dollars up to as many thousand as you want. It’s just going to depend on how much research you do looking for those products that’ll give you that minimum order quantity.

Let’s talk first about this stethoscope right here. This product sells for about $25 on Amazon, but it does almost a million dollars in sales a year.

Even though it’s selling for 25 and doing over a million dollars a year in revenue, the cost to source this product and buy it yourself: $1.30. They sell it for 25.

The challenge with this is a lot of people look at this, and they wonder, where are you going to find these products? How are you going to source these products? It’s so easy, you use sources like Alibaba, and you can source these products so quickly, start communicating with the manufacturers right away.

For under $500 guaranteed you can get started, well, with both of these products. But a top-selling product that sells over a million dollars a year, getting started for under 500 bucks.

This product, the Finishing Touch Flawless Brows is selling for $20, and you can source this for less than $2. And this product is making almost $1.4 million a year on Amazon.

When we’re talking about getting the suppliers and paying less than $500, there’s not a lot of expenses on top of that. So, when you’re working with the manufacturer, they’ll work with you to be able to create the packaging, to be able to create all the branding, and then you pay, it’s usually about $1 per unit to be able to get it shipped into Amazon’s warehouses. So, really, under $5 you’ve got this product in stock at Amazon that you’re selling for 20, $25 a unit.

Almost every supplier that you’ll find on Alibaba will have some predesigned templates for you. They’ll ask you for your brand name. They’ll go over some options with colors.

Using a product like this, you look at, they have very nice packaging. You don’t need to start with that much detailed packaging. You can begin very plain vanilla, get your product up and selling. Make sure that the consumers want it, that it starts selling.

Another great thing about these, you can quickly build another brand out of it. So, this is one beauty product. There are probably hundreds of other beauty products you could source, maybe from the same supplier. Same thing with any medical equipment. It’s so easy to grow and scale your brand once you’ve picked that first product. But you have to get started to make it happen.

We have a free training series where you can learn the in and outs of being able to find products to sell on Amazon. It’s a six-part training series where we talk about not only why Amazon is such a great opportunity, but also how to find the products to sell, how to find the products, the sourcing, the manufacturers to source those products, and, more importantly, how to launch your product to millions of buying customers on Amazon.

If you want to get started today and learn how to start selling on Amazon, all you need to do is click the link below this video and get immediate access to our training.

How To Sell On Amazon: Is Passion Enough To Be Successful On Amazon?

By Amazing Selling Machine

Learn the absolute BEST way to be successful from the start with your Amazon business. Discover how to build a successful business with Amazon – FREE Training Series.

You know what it is that garage bands and Amazon sellers have in common. Knowing what this is can be the difference between making just a few sales a day as an average Amazon seller or building a million dollar fiscal products business that can change your entire life.

Who here has ever been in or knows someone who’s tried starting a band when they were younger. I know that I did back in the days of parachute pants and big hair. Now when these bands are all starting to think about the kind of music that they first begin playing up whether it be at a wedding high school dance or a late night show at a bar.

If you’ve been to a wedding and listen to the band when they start playing you’ll notice that they don’t immediately start with one of their own songs that they’ve written in hopes that people will like it. Instead, they start playing the most popular songs around that they know people already love and that will get them up out of their seats and do the dance floor.

It’s not until the crowds get to know them and they started to build up a following that they then begin to introduce their own songs that they’re passionate about and that they’re hoping will become big hits. Well, the same holds for sellers on Amazon. You may have a product that you’re passionate about and that you think people will love. But unless you’re certain that there is a demand for it, your chance of being successful are slim at best instead.

The absolute best way to be successful from the very beginning with your Amazon business is to sell products that you already know there is a huge demand for it and you do this by creating your own brand of physical products that people are already buying like crazy on Amazon. If you find a product that you’re also passionate about well, then that’s awesome. But our point is that being passionate alone is not enough at least not enough to be successful right from the start.

The most important thing to look for when choosing your first product is demand because if you already have that, then you already have customers. They’ll be looking to buy a product just like yours, instead of trying to convince them that they need your product.

That’s why one of the most important factors in choosing your first product to sell on Amazon is to look at Amazon’s own barometer of demand.

The BSR or best sellers rank the BSR is the number assigned by Amazon to every single product, and it ranks them based upon those that sell the most every single day to those that sell the least. Now to make sure that you don’t choose a product that’s too competitive we recommending selling products have a BSR between 400 and six thousand. That’s the sweet spot that our students and we have found that will not only help make sure you can compete from day one when you launch your product but will also generate that kind of sales to start building your life changing business.

There are other critical criteria, and you also need to look at, such as price weight the number of views and being able to own the brand that you create. And we’ve created a completely free training program that walks you through all those criteria.

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