How To Get Started (And Grow) Your Amazon Business With Influencer Marketing

By Amazing Selling Machine

Using influencer marketing to grow your Amazon business is a great way to go from  Colin McGuire, CEO of Boomn, shares his tips for how influencer marketing can grow your Amazon business.



Influencers are key to growing your Amazon business. By utilizing influencer marketing, you as an Amazon seller can tap into the influencer’s already established communities and online platforms so you can make money and sell product.

For many of these tips, you’ll most likely be working with a micro-influencer, someone who may not have a lot of following but is niche to your product, fits your customer demographic, has a beautiful page and is active on the platform. Using a micro-influencer will give you great bang for your buck and will help you reach a wider audience.

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EASY Amazon Listing Hack To Increase Sales And Attract More Customers

By Amazing Selling Machine, Selling on Amazon

Bradley Sutton, Director of Training & Success at Helium 10, shares his number one hack to add to your Amazon listing to increase sales from his speech at the 2019 Amazing SellerCon. Watch the video to learn this easy Amazon listing hack to increase sales and attract more customers.

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