Amazing SellerPro: Increase Conversions with Amazon Listing Optimization

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In a NEW Amazing SellerPro course, Amazon Listing SEO: Increased Conversions and Earnings through Listing Optimization, Amazon sellers learn the skills they need to be at the forefront of search results. Instructed by Benjamin and Charity DeVries, this course has four modules: introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), selecting keywords, optimizing your listings, and testing different price points.

In this course, Benjamin and Charity go through the basics including how to choose keywords, optimizing your listing photos, and tracking conversion rates. Although the course provides beginner and advanced techniques, the course is instructed so that Amazon Business owners of all skill levels can benefit.

Amazing SellerPro Course Overview

This course covers all aspects of SEO optimization from start to finish. First, students will learn how to select high-volume and effective keywords for your product. Then, attendees will learn to optimize their listing photos, tracking conversion rates, and optimizing bullet points. Once the listing is enhanced, attendees will work on maximizing their price points through calculating the true cost of your product and working to determine their most profitable selling price through split testing and other analytics.

Amazon Business Experts Benjamin and Charity DeVries

The DeVries are successful graduates of the Amazing Selling Machine and enjoy sharing their knowledge and success with other ambitious entrepreneurs.

Together, Benjamin and Charity support businesses with visibility and e-commerce solutions that fit the business size and scale through their business, Using skills they apply to their own company, they provide insight on Facebook ads, Amazon consulting, web design, and more.

The DeVries have earned the SellerCon Showman badge for being a live speaker at our SellerCon conference, the largest Amazon Seller event in the country.

Amazing SellerPro

Join Amazing SellerPro today to enjoy access to this course as well as the latest content and courses every month. All Amazing SellerPro courses are taught in short snippets by Amazon sellers with a track record of success and students have the ability to comment and interact with these instructors if needed. SellerPro trainings provide business owners of all abilities the skills and knowledge needed to grow their business.

Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Convert Fans to Customers

By Amazing SellerPro, Amazing Selling Machine

Amazing SellerPro Course: The Simple Facebook Messenger Review System

In a new Amazing SellerPro training course, The Simple Facebook Messenger Review System, you’ll learn how to design a Facebook Messenger bot to convert your Facebook audience into customers.

Instructed by Amazing Selling Machine alums—Dr. Travis and Jenna Zigler—this course takes you, step-by-step, through the process of establishing an effective Facebook Messenger bot to gain feedback on your product, creating a simple Facebook Ad to lead people to your bot, and turning your subscribers into repeat customers.

Amazing SellerPro Instructors: Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler

Amazing Selling Machine alumni, Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler, are the founders of Eye Love. Their organization aims to end preventable blindness by using proceeds to fund free and low-cost clinics in the USA and Jamaica. In addition, they started an adjacent charity called the Eye Love Cares Foundation which provides eye exams, glasses, and sunglasses to those in need.

Who Is This Facebook Messenger Bot Course For?

Sellers can benefit from this course if they are in the process of building a Facebook audience, or have an audience that doesn’t convert. This course will help improve brand awareness, messaging, and increase responsiveness through demonstrating the benefits of a Facebook Messenger bot and targeted advertising.
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Complete Guide to YouTube Success in 2019

By Amazing SellerPro

Grow your YouTube channel with Amazing SellerPro

In a NEW Amazing SellerPro course,”2019 YouTube Masterclass – Complete Guide to YouTube Success”, Shawn Malkou shows how anyone from established businesses to independent creators can create a successful YouTube following in 2019. This course explains YouTube basics, how to create high-quality content, how to act on analytics, and where to implement SEO. Shawn leaves no stone unturned on how to maximize success on YouTube during this six and a half hour course.

About Shawn Malkou

Shawn Malkou is a content creator with over 300,000 YouTube subscribers. He has been managing and working with a variety of channels since 2011. In his time, he’s created and led three different businesses that generate over six-figures. Shawn cares deeply about inspiring and supporting others in developing their own technology and educational media. He believes that with the right steps taken, YouTube can be a long term, well-paying career choice.

Who can benefit from this course?

This course is for anyone who is currently managing or interested in creating a YouTube channel. The course goes into detail on designing channel strategy, setting goals, using compelling thumbnails, and how to gain an audience. It also explores how to make the most of more advanced features, such as YouTube Red, YouTube TV, and advanced networking techniques. Read More

Grow Your Amazon Business by Learning Sponsored Ad Shortcuts

By Amazing SellerPro, Selling on Amazon

In the latest Amazing SellerPro training course, Sponsored Ad Shortcuts: How to Use the ManageByStats Ad Manager to Save Time and Make More Money with Your Ads, you will learn how to make the most of the tools available on ManageByStats (MBS) Ad Manager – saving both time and money by cutting down on ad waste.

Instructed by Amazon Expert Shane Oglow, attendees will walk away from this course knowing MBS Tool layout and capabilities, the difference between the MBS Advertising Tool and the Seller Central Tool, how to improve use of keywords, and cut down on Ad waste.

Amazon Expert Shane Oglow

Prior to his success on Amazon, Shane Oglow found himself dissatisfied with his career in finance. Looking for a change of pace, he began selling on Amazon in 2013. His consistent and strategic effort brought him seven figure success within two years. He was invited to become a mentor for the students of Amazing Selling Machine and has since become an instructor. He continues to enjoy sharing his expertise to help thousands of Amazon sellers build successful businesses of their own.

Is this Amazon Seller Course for You?

This course is for anyone who has had difficulty understanding Amazon Pay Per Clicks and struggles to choose the best avenue to optimize advertising campaigns. In this course, Shane Oglow guides sellers on how to use the ManageByStats Advertising Tool on Amazon to boost your confidence, understand your data, and save time, and money.
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Get the Latest Amazon Updates with Amazing SellerPro

By Amazing SellerPro, Selling on Amazon

With Amazing SellerPro, Amazon sellers get access to Amazing Updates, hosted by Shane Oglow. Amazing Updates provides a complete look into recent Amazon changes that may impact sellers, suggestions on which Amazing SellerPro courses can best help sellers stay ahead of their competition and maximize results, and an in-depth interview with an expert instructor. The up close and personal instructor interviews allow sellers to get to know the instructors on a deeper level, as they share the strategies that have led them to Amazon business success.

Amazon Update Expert

Oglow began selling on Amazon in late 2013 and has seen the company through numerous changes. By planning strategically and constantly monitoring Amazon’s evolving platform, he grew his business to over 7-figures in just two years.* Shane continues to expand and grow his business while serving as an Amazing Selling Machine mentor and instructor. He shares his expert tips with Amazing SellerPro members each month and has helped thousands of students grow their own Amazon businesses. Read More

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