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The 20 Best Amazon Seller Tools

By August 9, 2016 July 30th, 2020 No Comments

There is no doubt that having software can make it much easier and faster to build your Amazon physical products business. What’s not always obvious is which tools can help you the most.

Because there are such a large number to choose from, we put together a list of the top 20 tools we recommend to help boost your Amazon business!

  1. AmzCouponServer: This WordPress plugin enables you to deliver single use codes from a landing page, and build your list at the same time.
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  2. AmzPromoCentral: This web-based service creates and hosts a landing page for you that can both deliver single use coupon codes, and build your list.
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  3. AmzSuite: A service that finds money which Amazon owes you from damaged products or refunds. Simple to use and incredibly effective.
  4. AmzTracker: This tool enables you to track all of your keywords for any or all of your products. Knowing where you rank on Amazon for your keywords is vital to maintaining your sales!
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  5. Aweber: This email autoresponder enables you to build your customer list outside of Amazon, and send both automated email sequences and a single mass email with any offers you might have.
  6. CamelCamelCamel: Knowing the sales trends when deciding on a product to sell is very important. This tool enables you to do just that.
  7. Clickfunnels: This fairly complex and advanced tool enables you to create landing pages, including upsells and offers to help build your list and sell more products.
  8. ConnectLeads: This is a relatively new tool which enables you to deliver single use codes and build your list via FB ads.
  9. Feedback Genius: This tool enables you to send an automated email sequence to your customers via the Amazon Email system.
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  10. FreshKey: This keyword research tool works with both Amazon and Google, enabling you to find high-traffic keywords for your products.
  11. Google Keyword Planner: The oldest keyword tool around, and tends to be overlooked. However, it is still a valuable tool for any Amazon Product business.
  12. Helium10: This tool has multiple uses, including product research, keyword research, and listing optimization.
  13. Hello Profit: A stats tool which enables you to monitor your sales and rankings live. Particularly useful for those with a lot of products or variations.
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  14. Instapage: Creates landing pages that you can publish on your website, enabling you to build your customer list and make offers to your customers.
  15. Jungle Scout: When you are selecting products to sell on Amazon, knowing approximately how many sales they are making is very important. This tool enables you to do that.
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  16. LeadPages: Another landing page creation tool which enables you to host the pages yourself, or on their site. It includes built-in split testing, and analytics, too.
  17. Managebystats: Primarily a stats tool showing you every aspect of your business and customer information. Also includes Seller Mail, which sends an automated email sequence to your customers via the Amazon Email system.
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  18. Merchantwords: A simple Amazon keyword tool which shows search numbers for keywords on Amazon. These results should only be used as an estimation, but are still a great way to find more keywords to test.
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  19. PPC Scope: This tool enables you to examine your ad campaigns, making it easy to optimize and improve them.
  20. Teamwork: Web-based software for organizing outsourcers and staff. Keeping track of all your employees, once your business grows, is critically important.

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