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The #1 Trick to Becoming a Better Entrepreneur? Try Not Using a Phone Case..

By September 7, 2018 March 16th, 2020 No Comments

Last night I was going through some videos on YouTube, and on the right side I saw a video titled: “Brilliant Reason Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Doesn’t Put Cover on His iPhone.

My first reaction was: “Why on earth would you ask a world-renowned scientist that kind of question in a science show?

I had to watch it.

As it turns out, the reason IS truly brilliant.

And it’s also related to why military cadets do gun twirling. I’ll wait.

So have you watched it?

Great. You are an entrepreneur aren’t you?

As you can see, it has NOTHING to do with risk-taking.

But it has EVERYTHING to do with you learning how to control the risk as much as possible.

As Neil points out, iPhone’s are not meant to be dropped. Guns are not meant to be dropped.

And they certainly won’t fall by themselves.

It’s all about you. About your perception of the risk. And your decision to control and minimize that risk.

And the way you learn to control and minimize the risk is by practicing what’s risky.

Day in and day out taking risks.

Over and over, until your mind stops seeing that as something risky, and starts seeing it as something known that can be controlled.

There’s one big lie you’ll see all over the internet. And it’s:

Entrepreneurs love risk.

No. We don’t.

Nobody does.

But what separates entrepreneurs – successful entrepreneurs – from the rest is that we’ve learned to take control of that risk. To get to know it. To understand it.

To master it, so it doesn’t become our master.

Learn. Read. Practice. Then practice more.

That means TAKE ACTION.

After some time, people will admire your bravery and your risk-taking nature, but you’ll know what’s really going on.

From that point on, the world becomes your playground.

Until next time,
Jason Katzenback, CEO and Co-Founder of, Inc.


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