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Back to School: How is Reinventing Education

By August 29, 2015 October 20th, 2019 6 Comments

Back to School: How is Reinventing Education

This week around the US, students headed back to school from their summer break. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the current state of the education system and why it needs to change. Traditional education is just that: traditional. The current model is structured in a way that doesn’t allow for much flexibility based on each individual’s unique way of learning and expressing knowledge. Melissa Tothero, our Director of E-Learning, has a strong background in traditional education and she could go on for hours about how slow the system is to change. She explained:

“Unfortunately, because of the structure of our schools and the limited resources that our society provides to our teachers and schools, the educational opportunities available are, in most cases, extremely limited. In that, I mean that there is a standardized course of education that was designed for one particular kind of learner: a learner who typically is very linear?one who can learn best by reading a textbook or by listening to a lecture. That small subset of students is very well served by our educational system.

However, the remaining majority of people who do not learn and express what they know in that linear fashion are oftentimes poorly served by the traditional educational system. The tragedy of that is when a student does not best learn in this very traditional, linear way, they can come out of our schools believing that they are not smart, or creative, or capable of achieving at a high level.

They are not given an opportunity to recognize the unique brilliance they possess because they are continuously being discouraged in a school system that is not able to meet their needs as learners. Let’s say a student doesn’t learn best by listening to the teacher, or by reading a textbook. Rather, this student learns best by doing. If they aren’t given an opportunity to learn in this way, they could get all the way through their education experience feeling unsuccessful, inadequate, and incapable.”

Trouble is, education just isn’t keeping up with the changing needs of today’s students. Especially in higher education. Going to college is outrageously expensive and student loans potentially take decades to pay back. In addition, college is supposed to prepare you for the real world, but the vast majority stick to theoretical learning instead of experiential learning. It is undeniable that learning by doing is more powerful  and effective than learning by listening  alone.

This is why it is so important that we work to change the face of education. Fortunately for all of us, information and communication technologies are becoming widely available now, and technology is helping to bring about this much needed change. Information and communication technology now makes it possible for learners to gain knowledge in many different ways?using multiple modalities?and is enabling students to express what they know in many different ways too. It’s revolutionary, really. People’s lives are changing in many ways. For example, people can now earn a living by running online businesses, or by freelancing and/or working remotely from home. At, we are helping people to learn the skills they need to leverage the vast opportunities that technology brings.

What are we doing that’s reinventing education? courses don’t require decades of student loans.

Currently, online education has become one of the most popular higher education alternatives. Compared to the cost of higher education, courses are much more affordable and don’t require decades to pay back student loans.

Our courses take weeks to complete, not years.

Most of our courses can be completed in eight weeks or less, and the content we deliver in them is invaluable. Our courses are designed to cater to your interests and needs so you can pick and choose what you want to learn rather than having to go through a set curriculum.

The speed with which we are teaching through experiential learning is much better than traditional classroom environment and the timelines that they have,” said Matt Clark, founder and CEO.

You will learn more in eight weeks than you would in four years when it comes to running your own business.

Students can learn from anywhere at any time.

Our courses offer true convenience and flexibility, giving you the option to attend class from wherever you are and whenever you want.

We utilize experiential education instead of theoretical. teaches through experience.

Thanks to my traditional education, I had about a week head-start at my first job just because I was familiar with the financial terms. After that, my work had nothing to do with what I’d learned in school,” said Clark. “Learning by doing was so much more valuable than just learning from a textbook.

Instead of teaching theories and case studies, we actually lead the students through an experience to get them from having no business at all to having an up-and-running business by the end of the course. We use step-by-step videos and encourage students to follow the action steps as they take the course. We also provide printable learning guides for those who learn better through reading than listening or watching.

We utilize the power of gamification.

While our students are learning, they are doing. While they are doing, they actually earn badges as they complete each goal. This helps to keep the students engaged and turns the process into more of a game. What’s more fun than that?

Our instructors are current experts.

You’ll find at a lot of learning institutions the instructors haven’t been active in their field in years, and are teaching based on what they learned a long time back. Our instructors are current experts in the topic they are teaching. They are extremely successful in their field right now and they share the hard-earned lessons that they’ve learned through their own experience with our students.

Tell us: What do you think is the biggest thing that needs to change in the education system today?Back to School: How is Reinventing Education

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  • vinh says:

    agree.I’m too fed up with the traditional education

    • Melissa Tothero says:

      Thank you for your comment, Vinh!

      We are working hard to provide anytime/ anywhere educational opportunities for people who are looking for new options!

      Stay tuned, and stay in touch! We love hearing from you.

      Melissa Tothero
      Director of eLearning

  • alba lewis says:

    In the UK we have a conversation going on as our education systems is really based on the victorian system to produce factory workers. In addition our system is political so it keeps changing and confuses those who are delivering the courses.

    In reality, for me, the whole of life has moved into fast gear and the future is with individuals and their creativity to survive and thrive in a world where the old safety nets are precarious, but what now exists is the chance to do different things, to change careers and to see the word, to develop skills that are interchangegable. It is an amazing time.

    Courses like this provide exciting ways to learn with tangible outcomes that young people want. They key is to have leaders to teach these courses in such a way as to link to a wider education whilst providing real practical skills for when the leave. And what we all want income to choose.

    We have academies now in the UK with the idea that leaders in industry are part of this. But we are not radical enough and not working with young people to see what they want to learn.

    Anyway I’m up for teaching this course to kids and have already offered this idea to couple of academies in the UK that deal with the more challenged areas of London. These kids need to see the point of education fast.

    Imagine how much you could hook to this course to make it have depth in both history, industry, science, psychology, technology etc.

    I’ll stop now!

    • Melissa Tothero says:


      Thank you for your well-informed response and great ideas! At, we are busy building out the course catalog to meet the diverse educational needs of a wide range of students.

      I whole-heartedly agree with you that “Courses like this provide exciting ways to learn with tangible outcomes that young people want.” We have discovered that tangible outcomes are exactly what learners of all ages are looking for.

      Our courses are not the usual, passive “Sage from the Stage” one-way delivery of information that has been the cornerstone of traditional education in the US and the UK for generations. Our students love our courses because they provide actionable, step-by-step roadmaps to successfully creating a new business or expanding an existing business. It’s the real deal. The courses are changing our students’ lives by giving them options that did not exist before.

      Thanks for your encouragement and support! It means the world to us!

      Let’s keep talking!

      Melissa Tothero
      Director of eLearning

  • Alethiea Taylor says:

    Whenever the subject of education comes up, I immediately start thinking about the US goal of education which is to get a doggone JOB. The US is educating high school and college graduates to get JOBS! I think they should be educating them to create BUSINESSES instead. Mind you, they don’t know how to create entrepreneurs but it at least could start with the right mind set. There’s more growth potential for a country or a city or a town or a family that CREATES businesses and jobs than there is in merely getting people to look for a limited amount of jobs. I hope gets 10 times bigger real fast! And doubles again after that!

    • Melissa Tothero says:

      So true, Alethiea! We agree that it makes a lot of sense to be educating people about how to create businesses?and that is exactly what we are doing at

      Thank you very much for your support! We are working hard to expand our course offerings to reach more people, and to provide more options for people to make a difference in their lives.

      Let’s keep talking!

      Melissa Tothero
      Director of eLearning

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