Day 9 – Amazon Sponsored Products Tutorial

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Hey, there. Jason here, with gift #9!

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Back to your gift…

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Day 8 – Increase Traffic to Your Amazon Listing

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Hey, it’s Jason here.

One of the things that have the most influence on people’s buying decisions on Amazon are reviews.

If there are more positive reviews we feel more secure when buying. On the other hand, if there are more negative reviews, we’re much more hesitant. And most often, we decide not to buy.

(Think about how you buy something nowadays. We are in the “Age of Reviews”)

But here’s the thing… negative reviews do not mean that it’s a bad product. People can – and will – give negative reviews for all sorts of reasons.

But still, they are an important buying decision factor for the majority of people.

For you, as a seller, this presents a huge challenge.

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Day 7 – Simple Tactic To Increase Your Amazon Listings Conversion Rate by up to 8%

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Would you spend 1 dollar to double, triple, even quadruple your results? These are the results our students are seeing with courses like our Amazon Traffic Blitz: Launch Your Product to the Top and Amazon Conversion Maximizer.

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For today’s episode of the 12 Days of Christmas we are showing you a simple tactic on how to increase conversion rates of your Amazon listings. This is one of the most important things you can do as an Amazon seller.

The most obvious reason, is that you’ll get more revenue per dollar invested in marketing.

But there’s also another, equally important reason.

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Day 6 – Amazon Early Reviewer Program Tutorial

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Hey, Jason here, and we are in the middle of our 12 Days of Christmas series with an Amazon Early Reviewer Program Tutorial.

I really hope you implemented some of the strategies we shared with you, and saw some positive results because of it.

Today we’re going to talk about one of the most important things for Amazon sellers: reviews.

Or, how to get reviews, to be precise, using Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program.

Once again we called Rich Henderson, Instructor, ASM instructor and chief mentor, to share with you his best tips for getting high quality reviews for your product, especially if you’re launching a new one.

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Day 5 – Amazon Listing Optimization Tutorial

By Selling on Amazon

Hey, it’s Jason here, and I’m bringing you your 5th gift in our series 12 Days of Christmas, an Amazon Listing Optimization Tutorial.

The easiest way to get more sales is to invest money in ads and bring more people to see your products.

And while I encourage you to invest money into ads (both on Amazon and outside of it), I also encourage you to try to max out the results you get from your current resources, and current efforts.

For example, I encourage you to get as many conversions as possible with the traffic you already get, by OPTIMIZING your Amazon listings.


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