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Are Your Competitors Stealing Your Amazon Traffic?

By March 28, 2016 March 16th, 2020 No Comments

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If you just read the title of my article and said to yourself “I have no idea!”, then you are going to be shocked when I tell you that the answer is almost assuredly “Yes!”.  I know that I was, as were the small group of people that I demonstrated this to during a mastermind meeting just last month.

So why might you not know about this?

You see, Amazon is always trying out new things, and that process usually starts with them first testing out new features with a few of the biggest sellers before deciding if they should roll them out further.  A perfect example of this was last year when they started offering select third party sellers (primarily FBA) the ability to participate in Lightning Deals for their first Prime Day.  While this was a completely awesome opportunity for those sellers, these deals had been available to Vendors for years, giving them a distinct advantage over everyone else during that time.

So wouldn’t it be nice to finally be one of those sellers who is able to get access to some incredibly powerful tools before all of the other sellers do?  Let me give you an example of one that’s available to you right now, even though you may not know about it.

Take a look at the image below:

This is the “Add to Cart” section for a real product on Amazon (it’s the “M’heritage Cuprinox Saucepan” if you want to check it out).  And what do you notice right below the Add to Cart section?  It’s a nice, attractive ad for a completely different product that literally entices every potential buyer of this product to check out their product instead!

Now imagine if this was your product and one of your competitors was advertising right below your Add to Cart button.  Actually, don’t imagine it: Go check out your product and chances are you’ll see it happening right this very moment!

So what should you do?

While your first reaction might be to scream, get angry, or possibly even call Amazon Seller Support to beg them to remove these ads from your own product detail page, none of those will be very helpful.

Instead, here are two things that you can and should do:

1. Learn everything you can about these tactics

Understanding what you are up against is critical in running any type of business.  If some of the biggest companies on Amazon are using tools and tactics that you don’t even know exist, then there is simply no way that you will ever be able to compete on a level playing field with them.

2. Use these tactics for your own business

Once you know exactly what they are doing, then it’s your turn to turn the tables and start using these tactics for your own business.  Fortunately, the tools I’m talking about are virtually unknown by the vast majority of Amazon sellers since most of them don’t even know that they exist, much less how to use them themselves.  By using them for your products, you’ll be one of the few companies able to tap into this vast arena of buyer traffic.

So how do you gain access?

Fortunately, I happen to know quite a bit about this topic since I have been using these tools for years. In order to share this knowledge with others in this community, I have created my very own course called “Advanced Product Marketing for Amazon.”  It’s available in the monthly membership site and, once you start going through it, you can even have your very first ads up and running that very same day.

Not only do I show you how to get access to this secret source of traffic, but I also cover several other advanced tactics not covered anywhere else.  This means that you’ll have more tools in your marketing arsenal than the vast majority of Amazon sellers – tools that most sellers don’t even know exist, much less know how to use.

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