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Angie’s Amazon Journey To 200k Monthly Revenue

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A member of Amazing Selling Machine, Angie Chacon began her journey with and Amazon in October 2014 (ASM 4).  She reached the 100k monthly revenue mark 1 year later (November 2015), and only months after that is on the verge of hitting the 250k mark on her Amazon business.  With no prior experience on Amazon, ecommerce, or marketing, Angie’s success is remarkable.  While her journey hasn’t always been an easy one (she got off to a rocky start), Angie has proven to us that she knows how to overcome any obstacle that heads her way.  Her story is an inspiring one for any entrepreneur. 

Tell me a little about your yourself and your background before you started with ASM?

Well I actually had a big change in my life before I came across ASM.  About 2 years prior, I’d just gotten divorced after about 26 years of marriage. My ex and I had a company together. It was mostly something he had started that I helped with, and so I was no longer involved in that anymore.  I was really starting my life over again. I have 4 kids, I also have grandson. I ended up being in a position of supporting my kids and refocusing my life, all while trying to decide what it is that I really wanted to do. Prior to ASM, I was supporting my ex-husbands business interests versus doing something that I was passionate about.

I struggled for a couple of years trying to figure things out, and I did different things. I was trying to find my calling in this new time of my life. I went and took a 9-5 job for a while. It was like, “okay this is not for me.”  Next I did some product sales, selling at various shows.  I tried different things, but just none were for me. What I really liked about the ASM course, and the whole idea behind it, was building something that could be turned over. Building something that you could do anywhere. Once you have things set up, it goes. It generates sales. I like how sales generate when I’m sleeping. I like how I could do it at home. I can get up in my Pjs and sit at my computer and just manage my sales for the day and work on new products. I like the business model. It’s what I really enjoy. Since I’ve started I’ve been able to take a couple trips to the Bahamas. These are things I was not able to do before.

What was one of your biggest hurdle in starting your business?

I’ve run into a few of different types and at different stages. One hurdle was that my first product wasn’t selling. I had quit my day job to do this full time and it just wasn’t happening. I had to scramble and took some part time work to supplement my income while I was trying to figure everything out. That was my first challenge, but I was determined. I saw friends of mine that were doing well, making money and making a profit. I knew it could work, I just had to figure it out for me. That was my first hurdle.

If you had to give just one piece of advice to someone who’s just starting to grow their brand, what would that be?

You definitely have to know where you’re at. You have to know what your numbers are. Having a background in accounting, I?m kind of a numbers person.  When I figured out the best way to get all my numbers together on a daily basis, I felt like I all of a sudden gained a lot more control over my business and over it’s profitability. I knew whether something was working or not right away so that I could make changes right away. It had helped me to scale my business because I could see easier, this is working, so I’m going to do more of this and I’m going to add more of this type product. It just gave me the ability to better plan for the future.

What’s a typical day look like for you?

Well, I’m lucky to have a couple staff now to help me.  The first thing we do is obviously customer service. We make sure our feedback is good and reviews are good, handle any negative stuff, and make sure our customers are all happy. I check the status of the listings, look at my rankings, and check on how my campaigns are doing. Things like that. Besides the day-to-day management, I actually spend a lot of time creating the future. That was sort of my purpose of bringing a couple staff in. They allow me to look for new products, figure out what that’s going to be, find them, and keep myself educated. They reduced my schedule so I can work on new products.  I realized I could have 4 or 5 successful products doing an average of whatever, but if I doubled or tripled that, I could double or triple my income and profits. That was my conclusion.

What has kept you motivated and inspired to build your business even when it was tougher?

That’s a good question because there’s definitely been times that I was like… okay I don’t know if this is going to work. I don’t know if I’m making a profit. I do have a mastermind group that I started after I went to the ASM summit in February.  I started a group with some people I had met there and a couple of friends that were doing it already. That has helped me because every week we get together. We talk about how everyone’s doing and we share tips. It’s also really motivational. You can see that people are making it and doing it and that has definitely helped. I also have established a couple of mentors that are doing better than me and there’s been a couple of times that I have gone to them saying, “okay this is where I’m at and I’ve given up right now on what I’m doing and I don’t know what to do now.” They’ll give me some tips and I’ll go away with those tips and it’ll turn things around for me. That’s definitely motivated me to keep going and has changed things for me from not doing well to doing well.

What does your success mean for you in your life?

Well my life has changed a lot. I feel like I have a purpose in what I’m doing. I’m excited about it. I can see a future and it’s the future I want. Having the flexibility in my schedule, having the kind of income that I’m having now, and making the profits that I’m making, I’m able to support my kids. I’m able to support them decently and give them the things they want. I’ve been able to take some time for myself. I’ve taken a couple vacations in the last 4 months which I wasn’t able to do before. I like going out and finding new products. I find that very fun and exciting. I enjoy what I do. It gives meaning to life and it gives something to look forward to do every day. It should be exciting what you do. You should enjoy it.

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