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9 Signs You Should Be an Entrepreneur

By June 3, 2015 April 27th, 2020 12 Comments

Not everyone was born to be an entrepreneur, but if you possess these qualities, you are one of the few who truly should be their own boss.

1. You’re independent

You can’t imagine the idea of anyone managing you…but you. Working for someone else for the rest of your life doesn’t sound ideal to you.

2. Failure doesn’t scare you

Most people shy away from risk and failure. You know that any great success came out of multiple failures, and therefore you don’t let it scare you. Your motto is “Fail Fast.”

3. You’re relentless

Giving up isn’t in your vocabulary. You do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals, and you don’t let anything get in the way.

4. You are intrinsically motivated

You don’t need a manager breathing down your neck to get work done. You take pride in your work and believe in what you do.

5. You’re thick-skinned

Entrepreneurs must be willing to take criticism as constructive feedback. You don’t cower at the idea of someone critiquing your work…you welcome it with open arms.

6. You think differently from your peers

Have you ever noticed that you think “bigger” than most of your peers, especially if you currently work in an office setting? Do you see the “big picture” instead of getting lost among the details? This is a clear trait of an entrepreneur.

7. You don’t fear uncertainty

Owning a business is full of uncertainty and risk. This isn’t for everyone, but you don’t let it get to you the way others might.

8. You welcome challenges

You look at challenges as a way to learn, grow, and change. Challenges motivate and invigorate you, rather than scare you away.

9. You don’t make excuses

So many people have excuses for why they don’t want to make a leap of faith and become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs don’t make excuses, they make things happen. This describes you to a T.

How many of these qualities do you have? Let us know in the comments below!



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